Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whatchu talkin' 'bout Shapiro? Is Willis in Tribe's plans?

Is the D Train about to stop in Cleveland?

Yahoo Sports is reporting today that the Indians are among a number of teams talking with the Marlins about acquiring lefty Dontrelle Willis. That might have been good news at one time. Maybe even last year. But Willis hasn't won a game for the Marlins since May 29 and he hasn't notched a quality start since June 26. In July, the D Train has thrown 22 2/3 innings, allowing 23 earned runs. He's 7-10 on the year with a 5.15 ERA. Most importantly there was some talk a month or so ago about possible arm problems, and current whispers about Tommy John surgery. Willis went from 22-10 in 2005 to 12-12 last year, with an ERA more than a run higher.

We can get Cliff Lee to do as well, without giving up anyone.
Let's hope this is one train the Tribe decides not to catch.


moose said...

Indians WIN - Indians WIN. Looks like I picked the wrong night to go to the game. Tonight may have been Borowski's best save. I must admit I uttered a few choice words when Fausto did not come out for the ninth. Who would have thought that 2 offensive jaugernuts like the Sox and Tribe would go back to back 1-0. In the loss on Tuesday night when the Sox scored I turned to my wife and said thats it - we loose 1-0. For once I was right - when usually I am wrong abot such things. Looks like things are going to get interesting in the AL - Detroit has shown bullpen and even starting pitching problems. I think the Sox see the yankess over their sholuder. Shapiro needs to pull the plug on something. What AL champ has a right fielder hitting 3 home runs and 250 - Trot Nixon. Stick the kid Guttieriez out there every night - he is better than francisco. Dtrain might be worth a chance the guy has not won in a long time but isn't CC his buddy.
If dtrain comes who goes - Lee ?

big game tomorrow night need a win for split. Glad I got fausto onmy fantasy team and to think I almost traded him !!!

going saturday night to get my talking tom hamilton bobble head !!!

they didnt give out freebees when I was a kid. Of couse I think I paid $2 to sit in the Outfield at the old stadium.

boris badenov said...

All ze time is only comment from Moose. How come never Squirrel?