Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kenny shines in debut

Kenny Lofton is back with the Tribe, and with him he brought a Ferrari full of energy to the Jake tonight.
Lofton had three hits, including a bunt single in the third that loaded the bases and seemed to unnerve Twins pitcher Boof Bonser enough to start a six-run avalanche.

It was like a cleansing thunderstorm had just blown through and fresh, cool air and bright sunshine came in behind it.

Seeing Lofton lay one down was like going to the class reunion and finding you still had plenty in common with the old lunch gang.

Watching Lofton slash the ball down the left field line again in a Tribe uniform was like getting home on a hot day, tossing off the work clothes and finding that pair of shirts that fits just perfectly around your 50-year old butt.

Seeing the ear-to-ear grin, and the gold medal and chain flopping around on his chest . Man. It's good times all over again!!

Jhonny Peralta played shortstop tonight like he cared, Something that's been missing for a week or so. His bat showed up too, as he launched two homers, including the big three-run blow in the third. He's been in a funk at the plate as well.

Paul Byrd pitched a great game until he was left to go one more inning than he had in him. He struggled a bit through the seventh and should not have been out there in the eighth.

And, most importantly, the Jake was hoppin' like it hasn't for some time (not counting Fausto's fantastic adventure the other night).

All's right in Tribeland. At least for tonight.

Laffey to join rotation; Another starter is not a trade-deadline priority

If you didn't see it, Mark Shapiro stopped in the STO booth for a half inning; as luck would have it the six-run half inning.

Shapiro said Aaron Laffey would take the slot in the Tribe rotation left vacant by the demotion of Cliff Lee to the minors. He made it clear - about 16 times - that he's still looking for a late-inning reliever, and he also shot down down hopes of finding another starter. Shapiro reasoned that he would not find a better starter out there than Laffey, Jeremy Sowers or a rehabbed Lee, unless he wanted to creat a major hole somewhere else.

It could be pre-deadlin spin, but if you take Shapiro at his word look for another reliever and not much else before the deadline.


Taking a break

Will be heading up the the Catskills tomorrow morning for some R&R at a B&B. This will likely be my last post until Sunday evening, or sometime Monday. Keep posting your own comments though, and don't forget the new Tribe Fan Poll on the Lofton deal.


moose said...

beat santana tonght

yankees loosr - a goodnight

moose said...

well there is nothing like wasting two good pitching performannces - what can you say about santana - he was dominant, I thought I was going to see a no-hitter. Maybe I should stay away from the Jake for a while they lost 2 tough games on mee this week. The offense is pathetic how can they strike out so much. Micheals is terrible - scrap the left / righty and let lofton and gutierrez play.
Hunter was going to be safe in the ninth even with a good rauch throw.

On Sunday - I can't fault CC although Trot Mixon plays right field like some old out of shape softball player. I am surprised Wedge did not take CC out in 8 th but he had not reached 100 pitches or put gutierez in right as defense replacement.

cant blame barfield - he has played so well it was just one of thsoes plays. So here we are in our "KROOSHEL" 10 game home stand and 2-5. Better sweep the hapless rangers who are all worried woh is going to be traded.

A day off might do us all good.

thank goodness detroit keeps losing.

Ron Vallo said...

Was away for the weekend. Didn't see the games so it's hard to comment.

I guess it's good that Westbrook had a solid outing on Saturday. Of course we expected nothing less from CC.

Looks like both of them were victims of little offense and some bad defense.

Said it before and will again. Rouse is on this team for his defense. If's he's throwing balls away we don't need him.

The other bit of good news was Hafner's homer Saturday.

But, all in all, it's going to have to get a lot better if the Tribe is going to make it to the post season.

The strikeouts are driving me crazy as well.