Sunday, July 22, 2007

More concern about Lee

Missed the Tribe game. My time was much better spent helping a friend of mine celebrate his 40th.

So tonight was the flip side of last night. A bummer indeed. Cliff Lee gets blasted again. The Tribe loses, Tigers win (though Verlander and Jones were ineffective - so that's a positive), and the Yankees win two. The Yank -O - Meter takes a big step in the wrong direction. My guess is there will be baseball talk around the pool again tomorrow as Yankee fans are gradually regaining that hubris that makes them so annoying.

As I said I didn't see them game so I can't comment with any credibility. But, from the box score and online play-by-play it looks like Lee got his head handed to him early, straightened things out for several innings before tiring. Not much to do put keep throwing him out there every five days and hope for the best.

Jeremy Sowers had a great minor league outing Friday, but one game does not a turnaround make and he won't have enough starts before the trade deadline to work his way back to the Tribe and allow them to trade Lee, perhaps for a bat. Someone would take a shot on Lee if the Indians were to make him available, but I don't think they can without a having stronger evidence that Sowers, or someone else at Buffalo can step in.

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moose said...

so the boys had a player only meeting what was that all about. Lee and Westbrook better have a meeting - and do the Indians have anybody other than Perez or Betancourt who can pitch in middle relief.

they better focus on a battle for Wild card with seattle, minnesota, and oh yes those dreaded Yankees