Monday, July 23, 2007

Groundhog Day

I'm sure you've seen the old Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. Murray plays a TV reporter covering the annual Groundhog Day ceremonies in Punxsatawney, Pa. and he keeps reliving the same day - event-by-event - over and over again.

Well it's been Groundhog Day for me too, only mine starts in the early evening.

Every night I finish a great dinner with my family. Head off to 7-11 for my nightly cup of coffee, park my carcass on the couch, turn on the TV and watch as another Cleveland starting pitcher gets his head handed to him.

Unlike the movie, one thing does change in my Groundhog Day experience. The goddamned Yankees keep getting closer to the wild-card-leading Tribe. Talk about two teams heading in opopsite directions.

Something's got to change. Yes, both Jake Westbrook and Cliff Lee pitched decent games, AFTER putting things out of reach in their latest starts. One thing about baseball - all nine innings count. You can't stay in the pennant race when you know your starter is going to get bombed 40% of the time. Things must straighten out - pronto!

Earlier today
we told you about the mystery of Aaron Laffey, who seemed to be on his way up to the Tribe after being pulled early from a start in Buffalo yesterday. Lord knows what's happening there. The Indians say nothing's going on, but the Buffalo News is reporting that Fernando Cabrera has been put on waivers and Laffey will be joining the Tribe when Cabrera is either claimed or clears waivers and is sent to the Bisons. I would take both the Indains comments and the Buffalo News story with a grain a salt. It's a wait-see for sure.

But, if Laffey is on the way, maybe he should get a shot in the rotation. He can't do much worse than Lee and Westbrook. Neither of the two veterans is really suited for the bullpen, but a stint in long relief might help one of them - my choice would be Lee - to get his act together.

The Indians have a homestand in early-to-mid-August against the Yankees and Tigers.

Prior that homestand, the
Tribe has 16 games against the Red Sox, Twins (home and away), Rangers and White Sox. In the same time span the Yankees play 15 games, against Kansas City (home and away), Baltimore, Chicago and the Blue Jays. After their current series against the White Sox, the Tigers head west to play the Angles and Oakland, then come back home to play Chicago, Tampa Bay and Oakland before their series at the Jake.

Clearly the Tribe's pitching has gone south at just the wrong time.

FYI: As I write this the Tiger pen is desperately trying to cough one up to the White Sox, but the Sox bullpen just won't hear of it. Tigers lead it 7-6 in the bottom of the sixth. The Yanks meanwhile are about to finish off Kay-Cee, and the Yank - O - Meter will most likely need to be reset at 5 1/2.


carl spackler said...

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moose said...

so I heard everyone missed me - I will reserve comment on tuesday game since I was there until our fearless leader writes his blog - The positive Indians pickup a half game on Tigers and it was dollar dog night so cheap dinner for the family
although I think the last dog was uncooked !!!!

monday was another normal day -westbrook or lee giving up an early 5 but then improving - I wish I had the luxury to stink my job up but improve and get paid big $$$. What were thsoe hitters doing against lester thatone inning - their patience was gone.

I no longer sit down at 7 to watch - the weather is too nice - I am out doing something and check in later

yankess win - indians loose it is nice having yankees on your fantasy team lately - making my move to the first division