Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mid-week thoughts; Yanks riding our bumper

Well, things could be worse. Went to bed in a foul mood last night, with the Indians having lost to the Red Sox again and the Yank – O –Meter about to slip to 4 ½ games with Yanks way out in front of Kay Cee.

But, I woke up this morning to find the Tiger pen got another going-over by the White Sox in the second game of the their Tuesday doubleheader, with the Tigers blowing a big lead to lose the nightcap and getting swept on the day.

And, the Rangers – who were tied at 3 when I went to bed – finished off Seattle for a sweep of their doubleheader.

So, while the Yanks continue to get closer, the Tribe did make some headway with other post-season rivals – no thanks to themselves.

Last night’s Tribe game was a rare old-fashioned pitcher’s duel, which I love. I do like them better when we win though.

Although I live and work in New York, there are actually more Red Sox fans in my office than Yankee fans. I’m not sure why that is, but I have to say the Sox fans here have shown great restraint over the last two days. I have only been taunted once, and that was by e-mail and it was pretty mild. I wonder if that’s because they are classier than Yankee fans or because, deep down, they are as fearful of blowing their lead over the Bombers as I am about the Indians coughing up the wild card lead to the Yanks.

From my past experience with Red Sox fans, I’d have to say it’s probably the latter.

And, speaking of Yankee fans...

I was listening to the local ESPN Radio affiliate on my way home today. The question of the day was: Which team will go further in the playoffs, the Mets or the Yankees? You've gotta love it.

Two weeks ago the question pretty much was: Should we throw Joe Torre in the East River or the Hudson? Now, it's not will the Yanks get in, but how far will they go in the playoffs. Twenty-three years here, and it never changes.


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Jhonny Crash said...

I hear the Yanks a comin´,
They're rolling round the bend.
I know we won the title once,
Just can't remember when.
We're stuck behind those Tigers,
The Bronx is coming on.
And those Twins are always lurking,
My playoff dreams will soon be gone.
When I was just a young buck,
Chief Wahoo told me, man,
Save yourself the heartache
And don't become a fan.
Well I just might shoot Jake Westbrook,
Just to watch him die.
And if Cliff Lee don't get straightened out,
Hell, I might just shoot him, too.