Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Victor Goes Yard In Frisco!

OK so I can go to bed happy. And not a moment too soon since I wake up about 4:45.

It took long enough but all three Indians got into tonight's All-Star game.

Victor Martinez, pinch hitting in the 8th for Johan Santana, put some icing on the A.L. cake with a two-run line shot down the line in left against Billy Wager, making the score 5-2 A.L.

Wagner, just a batter earlier, made Grady Sizemore look pretty wet behind the ears, whiffing him without even giving him a chance. That's our only beef with Grady - the K.

CC pitched the 5th, being taken out after just the one frame in favor of Justin Verlander who got knocked around a bit and nearly gave up the 3-1 lead CC handed him.

Some quick thoughts:

How many of you found yourself subconsciously rooting on the guys on your fantasy league teams, even though the stats, obviously, don't count?

Give me a break with the pre-game. First pitch 8:58. Wait 'til the playoffs. With FOX running the show we'll all be trudging through October on 3 hours of sleep a night.

Ditto the ten-minute-long "God Bless America" break in the 7th (followed, of course, by five minutes of commercials).

Fun watching Ichiro touch 'em all with his inside-the-parker. More importantly. It looks like he'll be signing with the Seattle, meaning the Yanks and Red Sox won't be getting richer at everyone else's expense. Of course there's always Tori Hunter etc...

Gotta go to bed. Gonna hope the score holds up.

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