Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What is the saying about one good turn deserving another?

Tonight it was the Tribe's turn to win a 1-zip game against Boston, after losing a similar pitcher's battle last night at the Jake.

Obviously Fausto Carmona was the story, giving up only four hits and two walks over eight innings, and striking out six - including Big Poppi twice.

How about a vote for Victor for star of the game as well? The Tribe's catcher, uncharacteristically, didn't hit a lick tonight (0-3), but he threw out two baserunners trying to steal in the late innings and beautifully blocked home plate when Coco Crisp tried to score on a single that second-baseman Josh Barfield got in front of in short right.

And how about some props for Barfield for noticing the stealthy Crisp trying to steal a run and throwing a perfect one-hopper to Victor to nab the Bosox outfielder.

And the one run? A homer to the porch in left by rookie Franklin Gutierrez in the third on one of a very few pitches Josh Becket put in the wrong place.

Not much scoring at the Jake, but plenty of heroes tonight.

My mind is somewhat numb and it is six hours from alarm-clock time, so I'm gonna leave it at that. Will try to come up with something more profound tomorrow.

For now, lets enjoy being on the right end of a great game tonight, and ignore the fact that those damned Yankees lead Kay Cee yet again.


moose said...

kudos to victor - what a game - everything that went wrong the night before went right tonight

do I dare watch the first inning with lee pitching tonight

see you after the gmae

by the way what happened to the twins

CC fausto and 3 days of rain
is what we need bye the way remember when we had too starting pitching - now we dont have enough

miller might be done - is sowers coming back - only if lee or westbrook is trade for a hitter - I dont want griffey - do you

Ron Vallo said...

yes, I'll take Griffey in a heartbeat, depending of course on how much has to be given up.

It's 7:16 and the Red Sox haven't scored yet of Lee. Rain delay. What a kick in the pants.

sowers has to pitch well a few more times before they bring him back, as far as i'm concerned.

squirrel said...

cliff lee - enough is enough

look at these numbers over the last 3 games not counting tonight

Jul 21 @ TEX L 5-8 L 6.2 8 7 7 0 1 5 5 7 0 87.2 5.95
Jul 16 CHW L 10-11 L 5.1 9 7 7 0 3 5 5 6 0 81.0 5.67
Jul 6 @ TOR L 6-8 L 4.0 6 6 5 1 3 0 5 5 0 75.2

the other 23 players have worked too hard to get where the team is at - trade lee what are you going to get for him !!

shapiro step up and do something !!!

this is the squirrel speaking and I am not nuts