Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday night notes

  • Indians lefty reliever Aaron Fultz still felt some pain in a muscle in the rib-cage area after throwing a simulated game. So, he wasn't ready to be activated Friday. Instead he'll throw a couple of times early next week and head out for a rehab assignment.

  • Former Indian Brandon Phillips had a first-inning grand slam and 6 RBIs in all to lead Cincy over the Mets

  • Bad news/Good news for the Yanks (or the other way around depending on how you look at it) Roger Clemens was touched up for five runs in 5 1/3 innings by Tampa Bay, losing for the fourth time in his latest stint with the Yankees. Clemens walked four and threw 44 strikes and 45 balls in the outing (how much $$ per strike is that anyway) On the other hand, the Yankees top pitching prospect Phil Hughes threw three scoreless innings and struck out six in a rehab start in AA. He's not that far away from re-joining the Yanks and should be an improvement of Kei Igawa. (Great pic of "The Rocket Man" courtesy the New York Post.)

  • Julian Tavarez got torched for the Red Sox again tonight.Four runs in four-plus. Nine hits.He's given up 32 hits in 18 2/3 innings in his last four starts.

  • Brad Lidge, one of the relievers said to be on the Tribe's wish list, returned from the DL for Houston tonight, pitching two scoreless and striking out two.

  • The Mariners, down 6-3, loaded 'em up in the ninth against Tiger closer Todd Jones but Ben Broussard K'd to end it. Tribe remains 1/2 game out.


moose said...

a win is a win is a win - wasnt pretty but will take it - so what about the trade rumors of rolen or lidge coming to cleveland

CC tonight - put it in the "W" column

Marcum my words

Ron Vallo said...

I'll take lidge. Not so sure Rolen would help much this year. He's off his game and has been all years. 90 games is not a slump, it's "deterioriating skills." The rumor is he tried glasses but didn't like 'em and his vision may be off. That's just something I read. Can't vouch for it's accuracy.

moose said...

well I was wrong - that is 2 bad games in a row for CC - does he havediminishing skills

what was casey blake doing on that grounder throwing to third

and why wasnt grady sizemore on third on that hit in the 9 th - if we running full speed out of box he is there and scores on a fly ball

KC has some nice talent - oh yea
watch out for the twins ....

Ron Vallo said...

I agree with you on Grady.

Blake had a brain fart. Also, don't know which way Peralta was moving on the pitch (you can't see that on TV) but it's possible he could have gotten to third and been a stationary target for Blake, not a moving target.

A question I have is why CC was out there with 100+ pitches in the 7th. I am not a big fan of the pitch count as a reason to take someone out. If he's buzzing along, let him go. But he was ineffective all night and not really showing any signs of getting it together. So why let him pitch all night under thos circumstance?