Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tribe pitchers - like a trip to Cedar Point

Yesterday I posted the first of a three-part series reviewing the Tribe mid-season.

The piece, which I wrote, is part of a series put together by myself, James Pete and Brian La Sheir for MVN's Tribe Report.

In today's installment, James Pete likens watching the Tribe's pitchers to an afternoon at Cedar Point - the undisputed amusement park king of roller coasters.

Click here for James' top-notch report, and be sure to check back tomorrow for Brian's look at the performance of the manager and the GM.


the moose said...

so I see cabrera is back -will he play and if so where second or SS

I bet those players loved having the all star game take all night

Ron Vallo said...

I'm gonna say SS, with Peralta to 3B with a day or two a week at DH to give Marte some playing time.

Casey and Garko split time at 1B.

Garko, Blake and Peralta share some DH.

Dellucci gets thrown under the bus.