Monday, July 14, 2008

Our first year at TFYL

It was one year ago.

The Tribe was in the pennant race and I was excited.

I was heading into that three-day interruption of the season for a contrived contest, followed the next night by an exhibition game and then a night of nothing.

I needed something to do.

So I decided to start this blog.

It's been a very good year.

May newfound hobby had me even more immersed than I would have otherwise been in the second half of last year's wonderful season.

The offensive brownout in late July and August was the subject much of my early writing.

Then Asdrubal Cabrera was called up from Buffalo and - coincidence or not - the Tribe was off on its super-charged sprint to the A.L. pennant.

Who can forget the ALDS against the Yankees - especially the so-called bug game.

Then there was the exhilarating start to the ALCS against Boston.

And the heartbreaking ending.

We slowed the pace in the off-season, but stayed on top of trade rumors - trades that ultimately were not made.

We covered the change of the name of the place that Tribe fans called home for 14 years.

This year started out with great promise, but the team never got it going. Right from the beginning you could see something was wrong.

It turned out the Tribe was loading the middle of its lineup with broken-down batters, which helped to snuff out the offense and put the season in jeopardy.

One of the biggest highlights of a mostly lost season was the return of Omar for likely the last time to Cleveland.

By early June it was over, CC was traded and it's wait 'til next year.

The Tribe got it revved up at the end of the first half - sweeping the now-second-place Rays (courtesy of the Tribe) in four games at Progressive Field.

It's been a year of ups and downs, but it has been fun.

Wonder what we'll be talking about a year from now.

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