Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quickie thoughts on post-CC game 1

First let's start with CC.

Five was his big number tonight - 5 hits, 5 walks, 5 Ks and, according STO, 5 standing O's from the Milwaukee faithful. Despite the ten base runners over 6 innings, the big man gave up only two runs and as I write this it appears he will get his first NL win tonight.

Let me just wish the Brewers fans good luck with CC. I've always like the team and the city. very Clevelandesque. And they filled in nicely for us as the "hometown" fans in the snows of last April, Here's hoping, for the suffering Milwaukee fans' sake, that CC puts them over the top, although with the Cubs picking up Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin it's going to be that much harder.

On to the featherheads.

First of all, someone please explain to me why we have to watch David Dellucci for one more second this year. What is the point? I suppose management could hope for a miracle -that he'll add 40 points to his BA between now and July 31 so someone will want him. But really, why is he in there?

Which brings us to Andy Marte. Why is he not in there. He needs to play every day at 3B so that the Tribe can answer all doubts before they pull the plug on him.

I have no way of knowing who Eric Wedge was referring to in a clip that was shown during the game on STO tonight, but I can take a guess. It followed a comment by Matt Underwood that there will be plenty of opportunity for the youngsters to show what they have over the next 2 1/2 months.

STO then played a clip of Wedge saying that won't necessarily be the case for every youngster on the team.

"Part of is it what we think they can ultimately be next year and beyond next year. If we don't feel like there's an opportunity for them to be part of a championship club next year and on into the future than I don't see much sense in giving them the opportunity this year."

Andy Marte anyone?

Can't say for sure, but who else could he be referring to? And if they've already determined Marte will never make it, why is he still on the team?

In case you are wondering how Matt Laporta did in his first game with Akron - they got rained out.

It's well past my reasonable bedtime. So that will have to hold us for now.

Be back tomorrow or sometime soon with some tips on how to watch the post-trade Tribe - if you must.

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bobbydb19 said...

I swear that I am good luck for the Yankees. Every game I go to, they win. Usually it is against the Tribe, but last night it was against the Rays (my new adopted team for 2008, although it should be the Brewers and any other team an Indian gets traded to). I was scoreboard watching and was excited that the Tribe took a 2-0 lead. Before I blinked my eyes, it was a 6-2 deficit and I knew loss 9 in a row was inevitable. I mean, how the hell are they coming back?

So it is only a matter of time that we will be rooting for the worst team in baseball. And this was a team many picked to win the World Series. So much for those analysts. I wonder how many more games we would have won without the injuries? I am not using that as an excuse, but it is a factor.

With Byrd on the mound, it will be 10 in a row.

You were talking about Marte. Have we seen enough of Sowers? This guy has got nothing.

Looking forward to your next post.