Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lee lights up N.L. stars

Cliff Lee's magical season continued tonight in the final All-Star game at Yankee Stadium.

The Tribe's new ace mowed down the best the N.L. had to offer as if they were, oh, let's say, the Seattle Mariners.

Cliff struck out three and allowed just one rather sickly single to Chipper Jones in his two-inning starting stint.

It's all I really needed to see at tonight's game, though I'm sure to stick around to see what will likely be Grady's one AB.

Speaking of Grady, here's a note from today’s All-Star parade.

The parade went past the office where my son is interning this summer. He took a lunch break and went down to watch.

Instead of trying to outdo the other guys in terms of having the hottest lady sitting next to him in his parade car, Grady invited his brothers to join him along the route instead. Pretty cool!

One other parade note: After the “ovation” he got from Yankee fans last night, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz tried a little bribery to soften up the locals. Much like civic groups who toss out bubble gum to the kids at the Memorial Day parade in your town (wherever you live), Ortiz was tossing out stogies to the crowd on his way up 6th Ave. Judging by the reception he got during tonight’s player introductions - it didn’t work.

Have to say Ben Sheets looked pretty good tonight too. Whattaya say we take most of that money we were going to give CC after the season and give it to Sheets?

One final note:

A blog called Epic Carnival is doing a takeoff on ESPN's Titletown series. It's called "Loserville" and the first city mentioned is Cleveland. I've already put up a post letting them know what I think. Maybe you want to do the same.

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