Saturday, July 26, 2008

Casey Blake to Dodgers....

....for what looks like a candidate for next year's pen and Victor's replacement at catcher when he is forced to move to 1B in a couple of years to save his body.

Those are just my quick first impressions, so I can't vouch for their soundness.

Family party keeping me from doing more now. I will have more late tonight or tomorrow after I have a chance to research the new Indians and digest it a little.

What are your thoughts?

Here's the first take on it from Dodgerland.

Gotta go!


the moose said...

my thoughts daddy waggs your fantasy team takes another CC and Casey in the same year. Seriously is catcher our weak spot ? What about shoppach he has played well
If Victor is going to first where does that leave Garko. This pitcher is 5-10 with a near 5.00 ERA in AAA. Has alot of K's. Just seems like another body. So Casey is going to play third replacing prospects dewitt and laroche. Couldn't we have gotten a better prospect like one of them. So what does this say for the indians - It looks like the Infield at least this year will be marte at 3 ,peralta at SS, and carroll,cabrera,and someday barfield at 2B - garko seems back to 1 - do we even have another 1B
this team on paper is the worst in the central - even KC has better young players

to casey blake - good luck you are a real pro - probably paid too much - but you did what they asked you to do. I got no complaints for your efforts - I wish you well

the moose said...

is byrd and delucci next

will wre get a batboy and bullpen catcher

the moose said...

why is delucci playing and not francisco - do they really think they will find a sucker to take him