Monday, July 7, 2008

CC deal brings yet another “can’t miss” youngster to Tribe

Let me start by saying I understand perfectly well that the Tribe had to trade CC Sabathia.

The season was over almost before it started, though most of us didn’t realize it until two or three weeks ago. So, with the Tribe unable to get his double-C on a dotted line, the big man had to go.

Even though there was plenty of advanced notice, just the concept of CC in someone else’s uniform is hard to swallow.

Does it help that the Tribe got the Brewers’ best prospect in return - a guy who is considered a top-25 prospect? A little.

But what does that really mean?

For every Joe Carter and Mel Hall for Rick Sutcliffe deal there are those deals that brought Reggie Jefferson, Mark Whitten and Glenallen Hill to the Tribe.

No need to go back to the early 80s and 90s to make my point. Just look over at the well-worn part of the Tribe bench where Andy Marte sits during the ballgames.

It happens to other teams too. Remember how “can’t-miss” Jerrod Saltamalacchia was at this team last year? How’s that looking?

So why should Tribe fans be dancing in the streets over the acquisition of Matt LaPorta? The slugging outfielder/first baseman had plenty of great teammates to chose from down in Huntsville. Why didn’t the Tribe get one of those guys? (Assuming the reports on the trade are accurate.)

And even if they had, wouldn’t they have been a crap shoot too?

Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips and Cliff Lee notwithstanding, I’ve never been a big fan of the star-for-prospect deals that Tribe fans have had to swallow for years.

I was hoping for a guy on someone’s 25-man roster as part of a CC package- someone not getting the playing time their talents might command in Cleveland. Failing that, I was hoping for someone ready to be put on the Tribe’s big league roster right now.

All that said, if that’s the reality of a mid-market team - and it is - at least the Tribe has boosted the power potential in its system.

The only other saving grace is CC wasn’t sent to the Yankees, Mets or Red Sox - though we can all assume that’s coming down the road. About $80 million comes off the Yankee payroll on Oct. 1, and they’re opening a new stadium next season. The only thing that will keep CC out of pinstripes would be a decision on his part that the circus is not for him.

Back to LaPorta.

Paul Cousineau at The DiaTribe has a well-done (as always) profile of the newest member of the Tribe.

In his post, Paul talks about why LaPorta may be playing at Progressive Field sooner than you might think. Also, from my reading of Paul's piece, it sounds like LaPorta might be looking at a future at 1B rather than in the outfield.

Just two comments about that.

A call-up to Cleveland this season seems optimistic to me and possibly not the best thing for LaPorta's development. There are plenty of guys on the squad right now who need playing time the rest of the way to prove they belong for next year.

Also, the fact the LaPorta projects to be a 1B says a lot about how sold the Tribe brass is on Ryan Garko. Good to see they don't consider that position settled. I sure don't.

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the moose said...

yes not impressed with the prospects the indians got - certainly not a twins santana deal
loporte better be a stud for GM man of the year shapiro

this team is a total mess and the marketing department better come up with something = they are realy going to earn their money

2 pitchers and a third baseman - all I can think is ed mujica, tom matsney, and andy marte

has a team ever disintegrated and gone from best to last so quickly

enjoy the day NO indians baseball

what does thissay for francsisco, 0 for 38 guttierez, shoo, and garko

indian fan in Cleveland