Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tribe sends the wrong guy packing

A busy day on the transaction front for the Tribe, and there is one move I just don't get.

Jensen Lewis is back at Buffalo and Jorge Julio is still on the team.

Here's how it all came about

The Tribe - as I thought might be the case watching the injury occur - put Fausto Carmona on the DL today, meaning Aaron Laffey will stick around even after the expected return of Jake Westbrook early next week.

The Tribe brought up Scott Elarton from Buffalo to take Laffey's spot on the roster. That too makes sense as Elarton was having a pretty good season in the pen for the Bisons.

Here are his stats from Buffalo: 15 appearances, 1 win, 2 losses and a a 2.45 ERA. He allowed 21 hits and 7 walks in 25 2/3 innings and has held opposing hitters to a .223 BA. In his last 8 outings he's allowed just 1 earned run in 13 1/3 innings.

So, so far I'm with you.

It's the next move (which is actually two moves) that I don't get.

The Tribe sent back Jensen Lewis to Buffalo and brought up last year's every-other-weekly call-up Edward Mujica.

You might wonder why the Tribe didn't bring up Buffalo's closer Rick Baeur instead of Mujica.

Bauer has outstanding numbers, as we mentioned yesterday, with 12 saves and a 1.83 ERA as well as 25 K's in 19 2/3 innings.

Mujica has been - Mujica, with a 4.50 ERA and a 1.50 WHIP

But Mujica's not going to be here long. When Westbrook rejoins the rotation in a few days, I'm pretty sure it will be Mujica who will shuffle back to Buffalo.

Bauer is not on the 40-man roster, so the Tribe would have had to make room for him on that roster and then, when the sent him back a few days from now, would have used up his first option.

My question is this: Why not put Jorge Julio out of our misery after his awful outings of the past few weeks instead Lewis, who was part of the so-called closer-by-four-man committee just a week ago?

Lewis has hardly begin great, but Julio has been downright awful and has shown a lack of poise on the mound. He is of no value and should be gone sooner rather than later.

Does this move make any sense to you?


the moose said...

see I told you they would win on saturday - Iwas there

agree julio should be gone - cant believe wedges comments on how well he did friday night and saved the bullpen and gave us some innnigs etc...

so it looks like we got a platton at first with aubrey and garko and a platoon in lefy with delucci and gutierrez

where does shoo fit in all this

once again the indiamns ran out of promotions - sizemore bobbleheads
and people were stuck with a 12 weeks rain check or a CC bobblehead (to remember him when he is gone)

The only good thing about the carmona injury is that it keeps laffey here for awhile longer - to prove he belongs all the tims

the moose said...

same old same old on sunday afternoon - I feel sorry for francisco making that error - but the game was lost earlier due to our pathetic offense

delucci is next to go -whwn does choo come back