Monday, May 26, 2008

A break from the Tribe provides no relief

It may seem a bit ironic, but as a Mother's Day and Father's Day gift to each other my wife and I spent about 36 hours in NYC - away from our kids.

Those of you who have kids know what I'm saying.

In the bargain I got a break from watching the Indians as well.

It was a wonderfully relaxing 36 hours.

Of course reality hit as soon as I got home, with dirty dishes in the sink and another "L" in the loss column.

Got home in enough time to watch tonight's debacle on the dish.

I can't say that nothing changed in my brief respite from the Tribe.

After all, the lineup changes every night.

On Sunday, in addition to the offense letting down the pitching staff, the defense did as well.

And, unlike last week when the Indians couldn't buy a baserunner, in the past two games they've had runners all over the freekin' place - although few of them found their way to home plate.

In scoring 1 run Sunday the Tribe left 11 runners on base. Tonight, it was 12 runners left on through 11 in yet-another close loss.

The eighth inning was particularly entertaining, with Asdrubal Cabrera and Grady Sizemore striking out with runners on second and third and the score tied at 3. Any sort of contact at all brings in the go-ahead run. But we get 2 Ks instead.

So the Tribe is 5 1/2 out with two more left with the White Sox this week. A 7 1/2 game deficit would not necessarily be a death sentence, but with an offense as bad as this it sure seems like it would be a big hill to climb.

The latest arrival to the pen - Scott Elarton is pissing the game away now. No need to stay up any later.

Can't wait 'til tomorrow!!!


the moose said...

I have nothing else to say - it gets worse everyday. You mentioned the eighth inning 2 strikeouts - but you also forgot the inning where they had a runner n first and third and did not score - had a runner thrownout at home. Yes scott elarton is not the answer - we already got a guy like him - byrd.

I kind of called this a"KROOSHAL" series. I was hoping for a sweep. Havelsot 9 of 10 (only game they won I was there) - maybe a road trip is what they need cause the home cooking is pretty rottin

bobbydb19 said...

am at my wits end with this team. I watch every game, but I am done. I can't do it any more. It is too frustrating and something has to be done. For all the Cabrera does in the field, he is pathetic at the plate. 2-0 and 3-1 counts only to strike out. Garko is lost. Hell the whole team is lost. 1-13 last night with RISP. Are you freaking serious? The schedule board next to my desk is filled with red "L"'s. Are there are too many in succession. It is all my fault. After the Yankees fell to last place, I sent the definiton of 'basement' to all my Yankee friends. Since that time, the Tribe have gone 1-9. I am done for now. Until this team starts producing, the Tribe will not be on in my house.

Ron Vallo said...

It is all my fault. After the Yankees fell to last place, I sent the definiton of 'basement' to all my Yankee friends. Since that time, the Tribe have gone 1-9.


First of all, we can't blame ourselves.

Secondly, I thought you have lived in the NYC area long enough to know better to keep your head low, even when it looks like the Tribe has the upper hand over the Yankees.

It almost ALWAYS comes up to bite you in the backside.

As far as watching the games goes, I'm afraid I can't stop - no matter how ugly it gets - until it becomes obvious there is no hope left.