Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Tribe offense - simply unwatchable

OK tell the truth.

How many of you out there felt that, down 2-1 in the third inning against the Sox tonight, things seemed bleak. Almost hopeless.

Another night, another miserable performance by the Tribe offense.

Just how much more of this can you watch?

I know I'm reaching the breaking point.

Don't expect any pertinent points here, or any analysis worth a damn. We've done and read more than enough of that and the bottom line is you don't win if you don't score.

It may be getting to be time to pull out that off-season list of literary classics four and and half months early.

There is not one guy on this team hitting right now. Not a single one. In the only inning the Tribe had any real opportunity they played small ball and got their only run on the board. That was the highlight for the night.

Eric Wedge keeps complaining that his offense isn't performing.

Wedge's boss keep saying he can't turn things around with just one new bat from outside the organization.

Maybe not. But at some point you have to try.

On the other hand, the other teams have to be willing to cut guys loose. It's probably about a month too early for that.

In the meantime, how can it hurt to give Andy Marte and Michael Aubrey a look.

Just a little aside.

It appears even the Web master at Indians.com is in a slump. In the eighth inning, with the Tribe sporting four base hits - three of them of the infield variety - the lead headline on the site read as follows

Indians' bats coming alive in support of ace


Jensen Lewis is blowing up the ballgame right now. It's well past my bedtime.

Good night nurse!

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