Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tribe doesn't corner the market on frustration

Yes the Tribe has been maddening, but we Indian fans are not the only ones ready to blow.

Frustration is busting out all over the major leagues.

Take New York for instance.

With the Yankees stumbling at 5 games under .500 and the Mets barely treading water, the frustration level is NYC is pretty up there.

Unfortunately I can't find the back page cover from today's New York Post online any longer, but it read "Bronx Bozos" in response to last night 12-2 debacle at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles.

The game story by George King III is still posted however, and the lead is pure Post:

The Yankees converted baseball's highest cathedral into the world's largest commode last night.

A week ago the same paper published an "exclusive" (meaning their reporter happened to call when Hank Steinbrenner was ready to blow a gasket)
on the New Boss acting like the Old Boss, before he went soft.

Hank knocked his big-money ballplayers and compared them unfavorably to the Tampa Bay Rays:

They have "got to start playing the way the Rays are playing. (The Yankees) need to start treating it like when they were younger players and going after that big contract, like they're in (Triple-A) and trying to make the majors. That's the kind of attitude and fire the players have to have."

Meantime over at Shea,
Willie Randolph's boss was giving the embattled manager the old vote of confidence late last week before the Mets won both games against the Yankees, taking Randolph out of jeopardy, and then lost a doubleheader to the Braves, putting Randolph back on the hot seat.

Over in Detroit, there's been some grumbling and it has pushed manager Jim Leyland to the edge.

Leyland went into a profanity-laced tirade yesterday while talking with reporters about comments former Tiger Jason Grilli made about the spark missing in Detroit and about comments made to the press by current members of the club.

You can here the "beeped" version of the tirade here, though I'm sure you can find the raw version somewhere on line if that is your wish.

(Look under "audio files" on right of linked page and click on "Jim Leyland gets angry at Jason Grilli and others!!!")

So things are getting a little tight around the collar in Detroit as well.

And in San Diego the other night, GM Kevin Towers made it clear he is not at all happy either,
saying he's about ready to clean house.

So while Eric Wedge is becoming increasingly vocal about his concerns about the Tribe's offense, and Wedge's boss continues to say he doesn't think the addition of one outside bat will help turn things around, at least we know we're not the only ones who are frustrated - for whatever good that does us.


Anonymous said...

it gets worse everyday - didnt they win 6 out of 7 last week. If they are going to trade anyone - I say trade Bird - not laffey. Why id julio on this team

in fact why are about 10 guys on this team - the key to winning fantasy - pitch against the indians

I can't watch

the moose said...

frustration also reigns in colorado, san diego, milwaukee, toronto,

looks like micheal aubrey is the now the man. will he play first vase against righties and ryan garko only righties. If cabrera is reported to be on the team for defense - then he better play SS everyday - if the indians had brains - release carroll, marte, and delucci. How wedge plays delucci, over guttierre, I dont know. Way to build up franklins confidence. pitchers - bresloe and julio are useless Thats 5 roster spots !!!!

The white sox may just have enough to win it all. There pitching is decent with vasquez, danks, contreras, and jenks. I will take their hitters over clevelands anyday - except maybe CF and C. Both teams have lousy 2b - Compare the teams I think you see who will win

Rumor has laffey and someone else to colorado for atkins

people say trdaer peralta, delucii, etc.. but who want them. They want our pitching - just like the cavs the tribe stayed put over the winter and is paying for it

have a great day

the moose said...

two frickin hits last night !!!
two fricken hits !!!!

this team is painful to watch and it looks like they will send down laffey when westbrook comes back

cant believe that one

they should really try to trade byrd

Ron Vallo said...

Byrd alone won;t bring enough. But they should try, I agree.

the moose said...

well looks like we got to keep byrd and laffey since carmona is now hurt - and why the hell is jorge julio on this team. We got 3 runs in 2 innings thats more than they scored in the last 3 games !!!!

this looks like 2006 all over again.

crowd is not happy !!!1