Friday, May 23, 2008

Different script, same ending for Tribe

The good news is the Tribe scored 9 runs tonight - 11 if you count the 2 runs lost to the blown call on Ben Francisco's three-run homer, also known as a one-RBI double.

In addition, the Tribe put 17 runners on base.

The other good news is Jorge Julio may finally have pitched bad enough to get himself cut from this club.

And, the Tribe may have found a solution to their quandary about how to keep Aaron Laffey on the roster when Jake Westbrook rejoins the team early next week.

Of course the bad news is Texas scored 13 runs to the Tribe's 9 (11?); the Tribe left 9 of those runners on the bases; it's 30 minutes after the game and I haven't read anything about Julio packing his bags yet; and the solution to the Laffey problem just could be a DL stint for Fausto Carmona.

Carmona left tonight's game in the third inning with what is being called a left hip strain. Carmona's listed as day-to-day but he seemed pretty well hobbled by the injury and I wouldn't take that day-to-day thing to the bank just yet. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Carmona's departure set the stage for Julio's second meltdown this week - and this one was a doozie. He let in two of Carmona's runs and then five of his own before finally getting through the third inning. He then put two runners in scoring position the following inning - after the Tribe scored three in the bottom of the third to cut the lead to 11-6 - only to be bailed out by Jensen Lewis.

Rick Baeur, the Buffalo Bisons' closer is sporting a 1.83 ERA with 25 Ks in 19 2/3 innings - with 12 saves. He would likely be an upgrade from the moody and volatile Julio. Plus Bauer looks like a hard ass, which is good for a reliever.

If the game was lost in the third on Julio's fine performance, any chance at a comeback was effectively snuffed out in the sixth on three separate mistake; one by the umps, one by Grady Sizemore and one by Jeff Datz (subbing for Eric Wedge who was tossed from the game following the umpire mistake we just spoke of).

With the Tribe down 12-6, Sizemore tripled - which is good. However, on Jamey Carroll's bouncer to third Sizemore went on contact and was cut down easily at the plate. What on earth was he thinking? Down 6 runs with no outs semi-late in the game and you go from third base on contact?

Travis Hafner followed that with a single (which would have scored Grady) - putting two on for Ben Francisco's blast off the railing ABOVE the wall in left field that was ruled in play by the umps and not a homerun. TV replays (and there were many) were very conclusive. It should have been a three-run homer.

Following Francisco's "double," the Tribe had runners on second and third and one out. The Rangers brought in right-hander Frank Francisco to pitch to Ryan Garko.

Instead of bringing in the hot-hitting lefty 1B Michael Aubrey to hit for the right-handed-hitting Garko - who is hitting like my mother (sorry ma!) - Datz left Garko in and the result was predictable - a Garko K followed by a Peralta K (both swinging - or more accurately flailing).

So, instead of a good starting performance squandered by awful hitting and a lousy bullpen, tonight the Tribe lost a slugfest.

Either way it's still an "L" and it's seven "L's" in a row.

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the moose said...

I will break the streak tonight
I am going to the game - they dont loose when I go