Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beating the the odds at Progressive Field

What is less likely, the Tribe scoring 5 runs in one inning or Andy Marte actually starting a ballgame?

Amazingly both have happened tonight in Cleveland.

In fact, with Travis Hafner and his balky shoulder likely to be rested until at least Friday, we may see Marte more than once in a row.

More oddsbreakers:

The Tribe got a two-out hit.

The Tribe got a two-out hit with RISP.

The Tribe hit a homer in that situation - and it was a granny, by Franklin Gutierrez.

Now, what are the odds the Tribe will continue to add on for the rest of the night?

UPDATE: A few more oddities tonight at Progressive Field.

As our man Moose points out, a triple steal, including a steal of home by David Dellucci.

Jhonny Peralta hasn't struck out yet tonight, and if all goes well he won't have to bat again with seven innings in the books and Peralta having made the second out of the seventh.

Asdrubal Cabrera has two errors in the same game.


the moose said...

Triple steal !!!!!

bobbydb19 said...

For the record.....I watched the game last night.

Ron Vallo said...

I had no doubt that you would.

the moose said...

back to normal today - no timely hitting and the bullpen failed

well at least we got rid of julio

to DL or not to DL Hafner