Saturday, November 24, 2007

What Johan's stance means for the Tribe

It's been a few days. The holiday, a knock-you-on-your-butt case of bronchitis and a lack of Tribe-related news has kept me from my keyboard.

Thanks to those who have been checking in.

The biggest baseball news since we last posted was the
signing of Torii Hunter by the Angels. Two keys here for the Tribe. It takes Hunter out of the division. It also puts an end to nasty rumors that Hunter would end up with the White Sox, or even Kansas City.

Bigger news for the Tribe? Johan Santana has decided that a four-year extension at an average of $20 million per is not enough.

Santana wants a six-year extension. Santana will be 29 when the season starts, so he'd be 35 when a six-year contract ends. Plus you have to assume that $20 million per is a bit short of Santana's mark as well.

So what will a certain lefty who is nearly a year-and-a-half younger than Santana and beat the Twins' lefty three times this past season command?

It's true that the Indians are a top-tier team that has invested in its key players, while the Twins are coming apart. Torii Hunter is gone and closer
Joe Nathan is talking about splitting after next season. So Santana has a much bigger incentive than CC to leave his current situtation.

Whether CC will be looking around the locker room at his talented mates or looking at dollar signs at decision time, only time will tell.


In other Central Division news:

  • The White Sox made a big upgrade in their pen by signing Scott Linebrink, but unless there's more to come it's little more than a finger-in-the-dike move.


moose said...

well the indians already raised ticket prices to raise money to pay CC - guess I cant go to a game for $7.00 anymore

what happened to the good old days of FREE tickets via PD grandstand managers, candy bar wrappers, and for you smart guys - straight A's.

my cable just went up so I got to pay more to watch on free TV.

heard the hot dog days might be over also - what a bummer

Anonymous said...

Grandstand Managers...great blast from the past! And, as a charter member of Gomer's Gang, I guess I know the Tribe's past.

moose said...


Ron Vallo said...

Well, if you look at the life insurance actuarial tables, my race is about two-thirds run.

If they're going to do it, it better be soon.