Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time for Shapiro to deliver the right pitch

"I've been an Indian my entire career. I grew up here, and I've been here since I was 17 years old, so I really can't see myself leaving the organization. My agent is meeting with the team, and hopefully they can get something done real soon."

That's CC Sabathia as quoted on XM Radio yesterday - the day he became the first Indian pitcher to win the Cy Young Award since 1972.

"We have the utmost respect and appreciation for C.C. and have a strong desire to keep him here. C.C., I think, shares that desire. The only question is can we find a business deal that works for the Indians organization and C.C.? We're going to take the next three months to find that out."

That's Tribe GM Mark Shapiro as quoted in the Plain Dealer this morning.

The Cy Young Award is nice. A contract agreement between the two men would be much, much nicer.

I base this on nothing but a gut feeling - and believe me, optimist is not my middle name, especially where Cleveland sports are involved - I just have a hunch the Tribe and CC will work something out.

There seems to be plenty of goodwill between the two sides. Sabathia is clearly happy in Cleveland and the team members seem to enjoy being out there together and know they have more work to accomplish.

Management seems to know it will take a lot to keep Sabathia, yet they keep saying they think they have a shot. So maybe they're going to be willing to pony up.

I know that all sounds pollyanish - after all who expected Mr. Aw Shucks himself, Jim Thome, to grab Philly's last buck - but there's just something in my gut that tells me CC will stay.


Nothing major to report here. The Twins acquired Craig Monroe for a minor leaguer. The Tigers re-signed Todd Jones since last we spoke and picked up Jacques Jones. The Jacques Jones trade was a pretty good one for the Tigers, but not the kind that will set the division on its ear.

With the Yankees signing Jorge Posada and the Mets about to pounce on Yorvit Torrealba, the rumors of interest in Kelly Shoppach have quietly disappeared.

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