Thursday, November 8, 2007

A glimpse at next year?

The GM meetings are over and the off-season chatter is in high gear.

As far as the Tribe goes, some of what came out over this week was expected. Some was not. In fact, with them GM meetings concluded and the Winter Meetings just ahead their are some hints the Indians might make more noise than we originally thought.

First of all there was that curious mention of Miguel Cabrera in the Plain Dealer the other day. I haven't seen anything else about it, except for people repeating the PD article. The Tribe certainly has prospects, and could afford to trade Jhonny Peralta to the Marlins (where he would make the eventually inevitable move to 3B), but pretty much every newspaper in the country has a story about how and why their team should pursue Cabrera.

And then there was this crazy thing about the Indians being interested in Luis Castillo - but only if they trade Peralta somewhere. (click the link and scroll down about halfway)

Could the rumors of Cliff Lee and Castillo have a connection?

Early in the week there was talk about Jason Bay coming to the Tribe. That is a pretty exciting bit of information and was not on the radar before this week.

One other bit of surprsing news - the Tribe would consider bringing Kenny Lofton back for next season if they can clear up the clutter they have in the corner outfield spots (and presumably if nothing happens on the Jason Bay front).

Of course the expected also happened. We found out Mark Shapiro is readying a contract extension to present to CC, and theTribe picked up options on Paul Byrd, Joe Borowski and Aaron Fultz.

Other Central Division teams were mentioned in the week's rumors. Here's a team-by-team rundown:



White Sox



Anonymous said...

I almost choked on my froot loops in reading this in the friday cleveland plain dealer

"We don't have a lot of needs," said General Manager Mark Shapiro.

can you say left field, third base, and some more bullpen

didnt shapiro learn after the 2005 season that you can sit still - the onlt thing we got going is actually the twins will be getting weaker but the royals stronger - tigers could have pitching problems again - and white sox are getting old

injuries can happen - to me the biggest need is LF - a delucci / micheals rotation wont cut it unless it is a shoo / francisco monster - RF is gutierrez job to loose - but maybe a shoo / blame left field is better and getting a third baseman - moose

Ron Vallo said...

I'm surprised your wife lets you eat Fruit Loops.

The bullpen concerns me, mostly because history shows that relievers that are used to death in a long playoff run show the effects the following year. The Raffies and Borowski were used heavily all year, especially Aug., Sept. and Oct. Lewis was used alot late in the year.

Choo is hurt until mid-year (rotator cuff) and I can't see entrusting both corner spots to young guys (Gutierrez and Francisco. I wish the Delluci/Michaels duo would be moved, at least one of them. We need one guy who can hit to play LF.

I'd put 3B third on the list. I'm not crazy about Blake, but he usually fields the position well and hit 20 HRs, so we can get away with him. I'd much rather see Peralta moved there and Blake play 4 or 5 days a week in several spots.

moose said...

quiet - the wife does not know about the fruit loops - sneak them in the garage

did not know about choo - he is out of the picture

blake seems to be old reliable and will pay someplace either OF or 3B - keep him out of the 2 whole