Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wanted in New York: Kelly Shoppach

Kelly Shoppach is a wanted man in New York - for his baseball skills.

With Jorge Posada and Paul Lo Duca free agents this winter, both the Yankees and Mets are looking for a starting catcher.

Both teams are said to be going hard after Posada, and there is a scenario out there where each New York team will sign the other's 2007 catcher for the upcoming season.

However, if either of the two heads out of town, one of the teams is going to need a catcher.

Both are said by the Web site Gotham Baseball Magazine to be looking at Kelly Shopppach to fill one of those musical chairs.

The Mets' needs are more immediate, as their interest in Yankees' backstop Jorge Posada are a bit "overblown" said one agent. Though Mets GM Omar Minaya's talks with Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro this past week were said to be more about Tribe starter Cliff Lee, as many as three industry sources have told GBM that "Shoppach's name came up more than once." --Gotham Baseball

The Web site said the Tribe is not hot on the idea of trading Shoppach but would listen if Mike Pelfrey or Aaron Heilman were involved.

Pelfrey has not show much at all and Heilman has bitched and moaned about being in the bullpen. Unless the Tribe has figured out a way to get Heilam into the already-crowded roation, I'd pass.
Metro Canada reports today the Indians are hottest on the trail of Pirates outfielder Jason Bay, with the Orioles also in pursuit. (Bay is Canadian, hence the interest in him north of the border).
Catching up with an old friend. Former Tribe outfielder Jody Gerut is tearing up the Venezuelan Winter League, strenghtening his bid to make a comeback in the majors. Gerut is hittting .422 with a .495 OPB. Knee injuries have kept him sidelined since 2005.
Adam Miller is getting his head handed to him in the Arizona Fall League - his ERA is 7.44 in 12 2/3 innings.



The Johan Santana rumors continue. Newsday reports that if the Yankees want the Twins' lefty, Robbie Cano may have to be a big part of the package.

The Twins have all but abandoned hope of re-signing Torrii Hunter, and are targeting Coco Crisp, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Carlos Silva, the free agent pitcher from the Twins, has been getting interest from the Mets, Phillies, Royals and Tigers, according to the Star Tribune.

Tigers/White Sox

However, the Palm Beach Press reports Willis is likely to remain in Florida, while 3B Miguel Cabrera is much more likely to be traded. Ken Rosenthal reports the White Sox are in the mix for Cabrera, though the scenario he describes seems a bit of a longshot.

For the White Sox to acquire Cabrera, they probably would need the Red Sox to re-sign third baseman Mike Lowell, the Angels to balk at moving second baseman Howie Kendrick and the Dodgers and Yankees to focus on pitching instead. -- Ken Rosenthal, Fox
EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm going to do something I vowed not to do with this blog when I started it. Mix football with pleasure. I just have to say Romeo Crennel can put that "L" today 100% on himself. How on earth do you waste TWO timeouts on one extremely questionable replay challenge? If you -stupidly - think there is any chance you win the challenge on that Steelers' touchdown, throw the flag. Lose the time out. Don't call a timeout to decide whether or not to throw the flag. That opens the possibility that you lose two timeouts. Nothing short of buffoonery. Absolutely stupid. Even if you win the challenge, the Steelers are going to score there eventually, then you get the ball back with even less time left. One of the stupidest things I've ever seen on the football field and I've been watching the Browns for a long, long time. And while we're at it, the offense may be good enough to carry the team into the playoffs, but with such an awful defense, what is the point? It'll be one and out.


moose said...

well if the indians peddle shoppach they better get something other than those met pitchers
if trade shoppach who is backup
I say keep him unless they get a "cant refuse" offer

cabrera is going to a big city - like NY or LA forget him

might have a chance at bay - because maybe pitts will trade with tribe and they might be able to afford although I dont know his salary or terms but my guess is a pitcher and an OF

regarding browns - no clue on what romeo was doing on timeouts - I have seen so many of these browns at pittsburg game wher pitt comes from behind in second half and browns freeze up - not to loose - two time outs at the end of the game would havegiven them a chance to get closer
defense looks like swiss chess or padua chasing around st. eds or st. joes in 1972

Alan said...

Although, I am very happy that CC won the Cy Young Award today, now he's probably going to want even more money. That will make it harder for the Indians to sign him to a contract extension.

It's weird, but in a way I didn't want him to win it for that good ole reason: $$$.