Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two in a row! Is it safe to look now?

OK. Please tell me today's Tribe game is indeed over and that the Indians won 3-1.
If you are someone contemplating gastric bypass (fortunately I'm just a beer and two burgers over where I should be in that department), you might try the new amazing, non-invasive alternative.

Just make sure your cable is paid-up and watch the Tribe night after night.
I think they've eaten up about three or four inches of my stomach already.

They get those juices flowing don't they?

Today, after another outstanding pitchers' duel between Jake Westbrook and Nate Robertson (I've seen more of those than I need, thank you very much), the Tribe rallied for three in the top of the tenth.

Four pitches into the bottom of the 10th and the Tribe is still up 3-zip, but with two outs.

Eight pitches later - a double, a bunt single and another double - and the Tribe is staring at a 3-1 score with two runners in scoring position, Pudge at the plate and Borowski on the mound.

We all know it ended well, but I'm going to have to start taking oxygen with my Tribe every night.

Two points I'd like to reinforce, or that were reinforced by the results.

In the fifth inning with Brandon Inge running with the pitch from second base, Franklin Gutierrez went back on one of those straight-over-your-head line drives and hauled it in, doubling Inge off second and saving at least one run. So, even while going oh-for-four, he made a major contribution to the victory today -a contribution I do not believe Trot Nixon would have been able to make.

In addition, Chris Gomez came up with a two-run single in the tenth, which turned out to be the game winner. As I mentioned Tuesday night, and a couple of other times recently, the versatile Gomez - having arrived only recently - does not seem to be afflicted with whatever has taken hold of the Tribe's bats.

Any spark from anywhere should be welcomed. I still say he should give Casey Blake a day (or nine) off and bat in the two hole. At least he was given the chance to contribute today.


moose said...


I see that wonderful offense returned to normal 0-4-0 for 9 innings

wedgie pulled all the right moves in the last few innings - I give this win to the manager

a few things on the Indians

1. Gutierrez certainly saved the game with his catch - nixon never would have had that - wish he would have gotten the game winning hit - he actually could have probably gotten a walk with some patience

2. betancourt cannot pitch 2 days in a row

3. Borowski cant do anything easy

4. lofton FINALLY did something

5. why did Wedge bench his BEST defensive infielder - Barfield ? there is more to this benching than we know

6. Cliff Lee is in the doghouse because of his fight with martinez - he will NOT be in an indian uniform next year

7. Sweep of KC and Tigers losing 3 / 4 to NY would look really good

8. The wild card will NOT come out of the AL Central

9. Tigers are in trouble - Sheffied and rogers hurt - the starting pitching is struggling

10. what AL team has a better starting 3 than CC, Fausto, and the reborn Jake

11. Will Bryd win more games than CC and Fausto

I will be at game next wednesday in a field box - looks like CC and Santana

Ron Vallo said...

I agree about Wedge and the moves late in the game.

I would still like to see him play Gutierrez every day and to put Gomez in for Casey Blake once in a while.

Gomez is hitting well enough right now that he should give somebody a day off nearly every day until he cools off.

Also, there must be someone that fits the two hole better than Blake.

Unlike the 90s, the Indians seem to match up pretty well 1-3 in the rotation for the playoffs. It will be a shame if they don't get a chance to prove it.

The Barfield thing is mysterious. I think they did it for a few reasons.

First, Barfield is not hitting at all and they need to try something to get some part of the lineup going.

In addition, I think they want to test Cabrerra as a possible everyday player for next year, without dislodging Peralta this year.

If Cabrera hits well enough, I think Barfield will be back at 2B next year, Cabrera will be at SS and Peralta will move to third or be traded (if they think Marte will be a bteer player long-term.

We lived with Wickman. We'll have to live with Borowski, though he may just kill me if we get into the playoffs.

Don;t be so hard on Kenny. He's been O-K since he came back, which is actually better than most of the guys on the team during that period.

Cliff Lee could bring a very nice corner outfielder and I'd love to see a trade in the offseason.

Good luck at the game. The Tribe has beaten Santana three times already (I think) this season. What are the odds for No. 4?