Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Four straight, but oh that Borowski!

Just when I was feeling bad that I missed the three-game winning streak over the weekend, something happened tonight that made me rethink that sentiment.

Joe Borowski "saved" another game.

It's so much easier on the stomach to go about your business during the evening, turn on Sports Center at night and catch the score. No fuss. No muss. They either won or they didn't.

Watching the game is so much more harmful to my health.

As the Tribe headed into the bottom of the eighth with a one-run lead I was looking ahead (notice I did not say looking forward) to the possibilities with Borowski and a one-run margin in the ninth. When the Indians added two in the eighth - for a three run lead - I let my guard down.

After a lead-off homer by Brian Buscher - his first career dinger - Borowski got an out before giving up a single and a double and finding himself staring at Tori Hunter and Justin Morneau - each with the chance for a game-tying hit. Hunter hit a sacrafice fly and Morneau - oddly - looked at two pretty good pitches for strike two and strike three.

All the while my stomach lining was becoming that much thinner.

Borowski's ERA has been ugly all year, but for most of the season that could be pinned to four or five awful outings. Borowski has been much more consistently hittable lately.

The Tribe's closer has allowed 10 earned runs in nine innings in his last ten appearances. He's had two blown saves over that span and has allowed 19 baserunners in nine innings in his last ten games.

It is quite remarkable really to contemplate that with all those baserunners and all those runs, Borowski has also managed to save six games during the 10-game time frame.

The only sure bet these days with Borowski at closer is Procter & Gamble's stock. P&G, of course, is the maker of Pepto-Bismol. (note to reader: This is not meant to be reliable investment advice).

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