Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Asdrubal Cabrera called up

The afternoon mystery is solved.
The Plain Dealer is reporting that the Tribe has called up Asdrubal Cabrera to replace the DFA'd Mike Rouse as the team's utility infielder.

Cabrera, a shorstop, has been working at second base since he promotion from Akron to Buffalo a short time ago.

He's been a .300 hitter at both minor league stops this year. He'll be in uniform for the Tribe tonight.


moose said...

its about time they did something
so you think I post too much ????

Ron Vallo said...

no. post all you want. i just meant I can tell how frustrated you are by the number of times you post. it's a way to release angry energy.

moose said...

yes this is a good stress release
frustrated with the tribe yes = but thankful they are wher they are ant not where the tampa bay or KC are = lets see what happens in chicago -

twins are going on a nine game west coast trip - a big challenge for them