Saturday, August 25, 2007

On the road again

Time to take the middle child back up to college again.

We won't be updating TFYL again until Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning if the drive is too much of a pain).

Things can hardly go worse than last year when we dropped off a very sad, somewhat nervous freshman at a huge school in a different country, blew the transmission on a van we had already agreed to sell while driving in the middle of a French-only speaking part of Quebec, did minor damage to the rental car we used to get us back home and then shelled out $2,000 when we drove back up three days later to pick up the van with its rebuilt transmission. Add a dark drive in the rain through the Adirondacks and you've got serious fun.

We'll be in Montreal, so I'll be lucky to get anything more than the scores of the Tribe games between now and Tuesday. That might just be a good thing. I think the Tribe and I "need to see other people" for a few days anyway.

Don't forget to check out our new Tribe Fan Poll on Bob Wickman.

I'll leave you with this one very minor news item from USA Today about an Indians farmhand named Juan Valdes who was suspended for 50 days for violating drug rules. Perhaps Juan should have stuck with the coffee beans. (No one under 40 will get that joke.)

See you Tuesday night.

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