Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My God! Where to begin? How about we start out with just plain old WOW!

I'm not sure what team I watched tonight but some guys in Indians unies score 11 runs on 16 hits.

There was a point when five out of six of those guys banged out base hits one after the other, and put up four runs in just one inning.

Wasn't it fun watching the Tribe in the fourth, as they would say, "staying within themselves," pounding out singles and doubles in droves and not flailing away looking for the elusive homerun? How about seeing Hafner spray one down the left field line for a change, instead of trying to beat the shift or just plain beat the tar out of the ball?

For the first time in a long time the Tribe offense gave a starting pitcher a win he might not have earned tonight. Lord knows Paul Byrd and the others have been cheated out of too many wins to count due to the whifffle-bat attack the Tribe puts out there most nights.

The four-run fourth was a major kick, but with the Tribe up only 5-3 afterward, the key hit - to me at least - was Franklin Gutierrez's three-run shot in the fifth. You'll notice it came against a righthander, Zack Miner. His first hit of the night, a ground-rule double to start the rally in the fourth inning, also came against a righthander - starter Justin Verlander. You may not remember, but he also robbed Maggs of a double in the gap in the third, helping to keep the lid on what was then a 3-1 Tiger lead.

One offensive outburst does not mean the Tribe's offense is suddenly back on track. This team clearly needs a spark to keep things going.

Asdrubal Cabrera hasn't set the world ablaze since being recalled. But he has provided some key hits since being installed as the starting second baseman, including an RBI single during the fourth inning hit parade tonight.

It's time for Eric Wedge to make a similar commitment to Gutierrez. He's more than earned it. He provides juice at the plate, on the bases and in the field. Gutierrez MUST be the everyday rightfielder. It should have happened a month ago. It needs to happen NOW!

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moose said...

yes it was good to see some runs - I wonder what carmona and CC were thinking - the sad part was the tigers still had a chance to win / tie in the ninth.

I agree gutierrez deserves a chance to play everyday - he has some speed, power, and decent defense - what do the other OF have that he doesn't.

lets see what happens today - a win today would be nice with the yanks coming into detroit for 4

westbrook looks sharp after 1 inning