Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Will last night's win provide a jolt?

Last night's win over Toronto (despite the continued failings of the bullpen) provided all the makings of a season-turner. Or at least a road-trip turner.

Three times the Tribe overtook the Jays for the lead. Fortunately they only gave it back twice - while trying very hard to give it up a third time in the 12th.

You might think this game, which saw the Tribe being no-hit through six only to score 9 runs eventually, might be the kind of game that would jump-start their season - or at least their week.

I thought the same thing last week when the Red Sox handed the Tribe a victory after they had been down 5-1 early. (remember the fumbled pitch to first base allowing the game-winner to score?). But, the Tribe went on to lose the next night in their typically maddening fashion, and have gone 2-3 since the "season-changer" against the Sox.

So, we'll find out starting in an hour or so if last night's win provides any kind of spark.

I'm on my lunch break again, so I just have time to scribble a few thoughts.

The Tribe management is all excited about the new versatility it has following Friday night's roster shuffle. It's only versatility if the guys you are moving around can actually play the positions you are moving them too.

Last night's defensive alignment (based on the way they played) at the end of the game reminded me of my days as a little league coach - trying to get every kid at least an inning or two in the infield, even it was a threat to his own safety and the team's well being.

On the should-have-been double-play ball that should have ended the game, Jhonny Peralta - playing 3B - cut to his left pretty well, then made an iffy throw to 2B. Luis Valbuena made the play and then an even iffier throw to 1B, which happened to be manned at the time by Mark DeRosa. The throw was a one-hopper and a little off the bag, but an experienced first baseman makes the play and ends the game.

Similarly, in the ninth, with Kerry Wood looking very shaky in trying to notch his 6th save, Josh Barfield (making his first appearance in left field) misplayed a likely out into a two-run single that tied the game at 6. Barfield also bobbled a bouncing ball to his right (no harm came from it) and his throws from LF were sub-par.

I guess we need to see more from all parties, but this "versatility" idea is off to a bad start.

Anyone seen enough of DeRosa at 3B? He misplayed another ball last night that eventually cost a couple of runs. Need a DH? DeRosa's your man.

Nice to see Matt LaPorta's first (of many we hope) MLB dinger.

I'm sure I had other thoughts to put here, but the workload at my desk is calling.

Let's hope the Tribe can extend their latest one-game winning streak to two this afternoon.


Ron Vallo said...

I remember those final comments I was to include in the post above?

How much longer can you keep putting Peraltz in the linuep. DOesn't he need about a week off (or the rest of this life off)?

WHy are we still seing som much of Ben Francisco? He's a fourth outfielder - at best

Anonymous said...

well mondays win didn't as tuesday stunk but wednesday was good beating the red sox

desparate times desparate measures
- matt hergas ?? 39 years old - who is next julio franco or ernie camacho

victor is smoking - when will grady "strikeout" more start hitting

maybe the SP is coming around - have had 4 decent starts in a row