Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting regular, or why La Porta is still on the bench

Eric Wedge has taken heat from pretty much everywhere for allowing rookie Matt LaPorta to rot on the bench while David Dellucci continues to play - and not hit.

Last night, the fourth night in a row La Porta sat in favor of Dellucci, Wedge explained his continued reliance on Dellucci - saying that after the players-only meeting over the weekend he wanted to give his "regulars" a chance to back themselves up.

Here are his comments as quoted by MLB.com's Anthony Castrovince:

"These guys got together and looked each other in the eye the other night, and I want to give them a chance to stand behind it and do something about it."

I suppose it is admirable that Wedge is trying just about everything as a motivational tool - this being the latest.

But I have a few questions.

Can this team, which has probably used two-dozen or more lineups in 33 games so far this season, be considered to have "regulars"?

Even if they do, why is Dellucci - who went oh-for-3 again last night leaving 5 runners on base - considered one of them? He missed the entire first month of the season.
In addition, Dellucci is playing not only at LaPorta's expense, but also at Ryan Garko's. Shouldn't Garko, last year's RBI leader, be considered a regular?

I don't want every post on this blog from here on out to be about Wedge's decisions or his future.

But in this case, I just had to ask.

By the way, we've added a Tribe Fan Poll seeking your vote on whether Wedge should stay or go. You'll find it in the right-hand column of your computer screen..

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