Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show Wedge LaPorta

I have already written that I think it is time to show Eric Wedge the door, but while he's still here would someone please introduce him to la porta - as in Matt LaPorta.

The Tribe has played 9 games now since LaPorta and fellow rookie Luis Valbuena arrived from Columbus. The Tribe is 2-7 in that time. They've fallen to 10 games under .500 and 7 1/2 out of first, with division leading KC still to finish up for today as I write this.

In those 9 games we've seen Matt LaPorta in the starting lineup exactly 4 times.

As the Tribe was busy scoring 3 runs over the 3 games this weekend against the Tigers, we saw LaPorta exactly - not at all.

Since the roster shuffle we have seen Valbuena in the starting lineup all of three times.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Meanwhile, in the 9-game period we're talking about, David Dellucci has been in the starting lineup 7 times. He's 4 for 25 during the period. with no ribbies and no extra base hits.

Ben Francisco, since May 1 - the day of the big "shakeup" - is hitting .257. He's 9 for 35 -all singles. He's driven in 1 run so far this month, and scored four.

Again, can someone please explain to me why LaPorta was called up if he's not going to play?

Was the "shakeup" just a sham? Just a move to make it look like the front office was taking action?

Although I don't necessarily feel this way, Valbuena's absence from the lineup could be slightly more defensible, since his primary position is 2B - one of the few spots where the Tribe has someone getting the job done already. In addition, it could be argued that the team needs Jhonny Peralta to get back to being the 20-HR guy he has been and that he needs to play (his 2-game benching aside) to get it going.

But from where I'm standing, no one is in LaPorta's way.

What is the point of playing Dellucci, or even Francisco, over LaPorta? Whatever success Dellucci has had in the majors, it is well behind him now. Francisco appears to be nothing more than a fourth outfielder.

More importantly, how is it helping LaPorta by having him sitting on the bench?

If LaPorta truly is going to be used as Dellucci's caddy against lefties, why is he still here?

More importantly, why is Wedge still here?


Triple said...

this has been driving my nuts as well

I was looking at the looches game log and trying to see if maybe he's walking, or doing something else of value but nope he's just providing outs for the opposing pitcher

I think today will be a breaking point of sorts

my guess is wedge is gone today but shapiro may give him the next series so there is an off day for the new guy to come in on

either way laporta should be playing

looch and francisco aughta just be cut loose, for what they are giving us we might as well have the killer defense that crowe and brantley would provide up in cleveland

Anonymous said...

moose says

agree with you all - makes no sense to call up anybody but especially your top prospect if they are not going to play

I got get it

hey they scored 3 runs today - hip hip hooray

11 -21 Worse team in baseball - where does it all end

Anonymous said...

players only meeting -and kerry wood is the player spokes person

where is victor or grady

Ron Vallo said...

So, I see the manager is going with that same lineup that did so well Sunday. Another day, another day of riding the pine for LaPorta. It just makes no sense unless you are of the mind that Wedge is now trying to get himself fired.