Friday, May 1, 2009

It's The Looch, and maybe more


The PD and report the Tribe will make another roster move after tonight's game.

Anthony Castronvince of thinks it will be Luis Valbuena - who can play 2B, SS and 3B. That could mean he could be the utility infielder and that Tony Graffanino could be gone.

I doubt Valbuena would be called up to sit and watch. Is it possible the Tribe is already tired of the swiss cheese left side of the infield and that Valbuena will take over at 3B, with DeRosa moving to the outfield?

That would put Trevor Crowe and Ben Francisco on the bubble.

The Tribe has 5 outfielders currently, which would make one wonder if they'd bring up a 6th in Matt LaPorta. But it's clear LaPorta has the big-bat potential the Tribe was hoping DL'ed Travis Hafner would provide.

LaPorta's arrival also would put Crowe or Francisco at risk.

There's also some talk the new arrival could be Josh Barfield. Not sure how he fits in, unless he goes to 2B, Asdrubal Cabrerra goes to short and Jhonny Peralta moves to third - once again putting LaRosa into the outfield and jeopardizing Crowe and Francisco. But that seems like too much futzing around, especially because it would add another hurdle for the seemingly befuddled Peralta to overcome.

If it comes down to Crowe or Francisco who go, I'd say it has to be Crowe. He seems to need more time at Triple-A and he would also benefit from regular playing time.

LaPorta is the obvious choice if the Tribe perceives the need to replace Hafner's power. Valbuena would be my choice if the thought is that the infield's need for shoring up is more important.

Whatever the case, if another player is indeed on the way, the criticism in the post below - written earlier today - is no longer valid.


I don't remember the exact quote but when the Indians brought up Rich Rundles to replace Travis Hafner on the roster, skipper Eric Wedge was clear that Rundles was a one-night deal.

But there was talk about turning over every stone and taking their time to make some decisions (plural) with the day off on Thursday. It sounded like something of decent size might be happening.

Would there be more than Rundles bidding adieu? Might Trevor Crowe be on his way to Columbus? Or Ben Francisco - although he hit the ball well on the very night Wedge starting talking about changes (plural) and scouring the system.

Might we see Matt LaPorta? Or Luis Valbuena?

Heck, Mark Shapiro even said on a TV interview during the game the other night that the team might consider going from 14 pitchers back down to the usual 12. Sure sounded exciting.

Of course Shapiro also said in the same interview that we would "get LaPorta up here this year for sure." Translation: not gonna happen now.

The Tribe boss also stated that David Dellucci - also hitting well at Triple-A- would be back sooner or later - but you new from his words that it would be sooner.

We all knew it would be the Looch coming up today. The management loves veterans, and this one in particular. Plus they owe him $4 million this year and they've gotten nothing out of him in the first 2 and 1/6 seasons of his 3-year deal so far.

There's no surprise that Dellucci is back with the Tribe.

My only question is why tease us with talk of "taking everyone into consideration" and making "decisions" (plural) on the just-completed off day.

Maybe The Looch can fill the cleanup hole too. Wedgie tried it last year.

We had a few moments to daydream about change. Instead, we got more of the same.


Anonymous said...

the bullpen strikes again !!!!

Anonymous said...

tribe making the moves

in - laporta, delucci, barfield, and valbuena

out - hafner, smith, graffinito, and runnels

question is where are all these guys going to play - why bring up laporta if he is not going to play everyday

hafner may be out for more than 15 days

they need PITCHING - how do these guys help the bullpen

Ron Vallo said...

I had to work today - 52 years old and still working occasional weekends - so I haven't had any time to think about all this.

Not sure I see the point of Barfield AND Valbuena.

I guess time will tell.

LaPorta being promoted only works if he plays - alot. I'm going to expect that we won't see much of Hafner this year, that way if he does come back and does well, it'll be a pleasant surprise.