Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where the heck was Victor?

Anyone know what the deal was with Victor Martinez today?

He wasn't in the starting lineup and the Angels broadcasters (on the dish) didn't really find it worth investigating why.

The so-called blog on made no mention of why Martinez was out.

No games summaries that I've come across have any mention of Victor's absence.

Even my friends at RotoWorld let me down.

Normally you would say it was a day game after a night game, but did he really need a day off after sitting out for a week?

If anybody knows of any reason other than a simple day off, please let me know.

My favorite part about today's disaster was the chance to see both members of the Dispeptic Duo in the lineup at the same time. Not only that, but they batted one after the other.

Paul Byrd looked like a waiter serving up meatballs - three of them to be exact, which is one more than you get with the spaghetti at Antonio's at ParmaTown.

At least the offense starting going a bit today, even with Victor on the bench.

Despite his homer last night, Travis Hafner still looks like a muscle-bound WWE performer trying to swing a bat.

I think that's all that's on my mind for now.


Anonymous said...

Paul Byrd was pitching and Shoppach catches for Paul Byrd.

Ron Vallo said...

Oh yes. Good point. Although Byrd was gone so quickly I barely noticed he was in there.

I thought Wedge said he was going to move away from the personal catcher thing a bit this season.

With MArtinez missing a week, yesterday would have been a good time ti break the "rule."