Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tribe loss to Yanks hard to swallow

Yes, I know the Tribe won the first two games of the series.

Yes I know they were on a five-game winning streak.

Yes, I know CC had another dominating game and appears well back on track.

Yes, I know Chien-Ming Wang was just as dominating and that sometimes you just have to tip your cap.

But damn - it's the Yankees.

No matter how much logic I try to apply to my response to today's game, I just can't help being annoyed and disappointed.

Sure the Tribe is still up 2-1 in the series with the Yanks, but how sweet would it have been to walk into my Jersey City office in the morning with three wins in the books - not having to say anything other than what the smirk on my face would have conveyed.

When you live in New York and are a Tribe fan, the games against the Yanks aren't just like all the rest - no matter how much logic and common sense say they are.

The victories are sweater and losses more tough to take.

No matter how well things have been going lately, this one hurt.

The great Joba made his first appearance of the series and showed Cleveland fans why Yankee fans have already canonized him. He dispatched with David Dellucci, Asdrubal Cabrera and Travis Hafner on a foul out and two Ks. Chamberlain sat out the first couple of games with a sore hammy.

But the Yanks injury problems may have gotten a lot worse today.

The New York Times is reporting that Jorge Posada may heading to the DL and that the shoulder problem that has been plaguing him all season may be quite serious. The paper reports Posada will go to see specialist Dr. James Andrews - and that is almost always bad news.

Oh, and just for the record. It took Yankee TV announcer Michael Kay until the post-game wrap-up to mention midges today. One wonders if there will ever be another Indians-Yankees game played without mention of the mighty swarm the ruined the Yankees 2007 season.

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Anonymous said...

this is the moose not anonymous

well I actually posted on the saturday night game but it looks like it went into the post black hole !!! Anyhow saturday night was a good game - nice weather and a win. the 4:00 is a good game start and gets us old folks home by 9:00
instead of 11. Both teams played good defense except for delucci please explain how the indians expect to win with an OF platoon hitting about 190 and 3 HR and Gutierrez better get his act together.

On Sunday I wanted to see if my friend daddy waggs was going to pitch CC/ Wang in our fantasy league. He made a bold move and pitched both and so his ERA and whip will slide lower than the stock market of my favorite banks.
Good move

The disappointing part of the game saturday was attendance - only 35K on a nice saturday and yankees only trip this year. What are they going to draw wednesday against seattle with the cavs playing a game to finish off their series.

32 games in April and May - against good teams. I guess I can go see SF and San Diego in July.

As far as Sundays game - didnt see much. Without Grady that hurts - what an OF - minor league 101.
an loss is tough but so is 1-0