Saturday, April 5, 2008

CC continues his salary drive

CC Sabathia's walk season is not starting out so well, to say the least.

The big man - with big salary numbers dancing in his head - is putting up big numbers of his own, big, crooked numbers on the other team's side of the scoreboard.

On Opening Day CC didn't make it out of the sixth, allowing 5 runs in 5 1/3 innings. Sabathia gave up 6 hits (2 of the them homers) and 3 walks in that aborted outing.

He did strike out 7, indicative of the fact that CC was overthrowing, just as he did last year in the playoffs and often over the early years of his career when he was inconsistent.

Today's outing, against the AAAA team masquerading as the Oakland A's, was a repeat of the man of girth's Opening Day performance.

He logged 5 1/3 innings, 4 runs, 6 hits, four walks and just 2 Ks before giving way to Jensen Lewis.

With FOX monopolizing coverage on Saturdays, and with two NY teams playing afternoon baseball, there was no shot at me seeing the Tribe today, so I can't really comment on how Sabathia looked. But the numbers paint a rather ugly picture.

Sabathia was obviously tight during the playoffs, leading directly to his unacceptably bad performance in the post-season.

With his walk year unfolding, it seems as though CC still has the apple stuck in his throat.

He claims he didn't want to talk contract during the season because it would affect his concentration on the field.

So far this year, it seems clear the contract - the big one that awaits him if he gets out onto the open market - is messing with his mind.

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moose said

lucky to win one in oakland
hats off to cliff lee well pitched game

have delucci or micheals gotten a hit this year - how long do we go with these 2 clowns