Sunday, September 23, 2007

W A H O O O O O O O !!!!

We've waited six years for this and the day has come at last!

The Tribe is headed back to the playoffs!!!!!!

And what a great way to get it. No watching the board to see what they Tigers were up to.

The Tribe scored early and resonably often to wrap up the Central Division all on their own in front of a sellout crowd at The Jake!

If you care at all, you saw the game - either at the Jake or on the tube.

So I'll just put up a few thoughts of my own about Clinch Sunday.

It was good to see Victor and Raffie B. as the battery for the final out. They have been two of the most consistent players on the club this year and it was nice they had the first chance to celebrate.
It was nice to see nearly everyone participate in the offense today, and to see the Tribe hit holes, walls and chalk lines instead of trying to bash everything. That bodes well for the playoffs.

It was terrific to see Jake Westbrook look like he did in August. Also very important.

It was also good to see the place packed for the last weekend of the regular season, even if many of those in the seats were bandwagoneers.

I have only two disappointments: I'm not in Cleveland right now to share the joy; DirecTV picked up the A's broadcast today instead of the Tribe's, which took a tiny bit away from the celebration at game's end. But not that much really. The A's broadcast stayed with the Tribe celebration for a fair amount of time and their announcing crew - former Tribesman Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper (Duane's little brother) - were more than gracious.

As the camera trained itself on the celebrating Tribe, Kuiper congratulated the Indians.

"Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians and their entire organization - a very classy organization - as we certainly wish them the best of luck in the 2007 playoffs. And they've got a chance to do damage with a couple of good pitchers. They're going to enjoy tonight and it is well deserved."

(photo credits: Associated Press)


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I traveled out there for the last two regular-season home games. Saw Rafael Betancourt strike out Mark Ellis in the top of the ninth and lingered to soak up the atmosphere. Walking back to my hotel, I passed the players' parking lot, where fans were waiting for autographs. I stayed and watched. High marks to Kenny Lofton, Casey Blake, C. C. Sabathia, Carl Willis (!), and Eric Wedge. Lofton must have spent twenty minutes out there signing stuff. Fausto Carmona and Josh Barfield earned an honorable mention. OK, Paul Byrd -- he didn't sign, but he cheerfully acknowledged.

I like this team, and not just because they're wearing the right uniform.