Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An early slide

With the Tigers already losing, the Tribe game going at a snail's pace and my alarm clock set to go off at 4:40, I'm taking an early slide.

Blake's escapades on the basepaths and Tom Mastny's ineptness on the mound also helped me decide to pack it in early. Not to mention leaving the bags loaded in the seventh.

At worst, the Tribe will still be six games ahead when I wake up. Any time the Tigers lose on a 2-run homer by Alex Cintron the night can't be all bad.

Tonight was Aaron Laffey's first tough outing (4 innings, 5 runs) but his defense didn't help much.

Whether you blame Casey Blake's throw or Ryan Garko's inability to dig it out (the Twins' announcers couldn't agree who was at fault), the door was opened for the Twins in the third by an error. And, while it's probably not fair to expect Sizemore to catch every ball that stays in the park, he usually catches that double hit by Justin Morneau that drove in the three runs.

One thing to look for from this game is whether or not Laffey will be able to put it behind him and come back next time throwing well.

One positive was Jensen Lewis' middle-relief outing.

Still two innings to go, so it aint over, as they say. But for this early riser, the Tribe has shown me just enough tonight to make me realize that bed is where I should be.


moose said...

party pooper should have stayed up what a game !!!!

wouldnt it e nice if the tribe got a 10 gamelead with about 15 to go

put a foek inthe tigers - I think they are done - thank you chicago white sox

Ron Vallo said...

Well it looks like Mr. Hafner had himself a nice evening. It's a long time coming and hopefully will set him on a tear.

I'm not so sure about the Tigers being done. They are only 3 1/2 behind the Yankees and 2 behind Seattle, neither of whom are setting the world ablaze.

1:00 game today. Tivoed. Will watch when I get home.

Anonymous said...

another W