Monday, September 17, 2007

Lucky Seven!!

Actually there was nothing lucky about it.

The Tribe toughed it out for a big walk-off win against the Tigers tonight, earning their way back to 5 1/2 in front of Detroit in the Central Division race.

Their magic number is down to seven with Casey Blake's 11th inning homer - his second game-ender in the last four games.

I had to be somewhere this evening so I missed most of the game. Got home just as Travis Hafner was grounding out to move two runners into scoring position in the eighth, and just two at-bats before Jhonny Peralta tied the game up with his second homer of the nght.

The bullpen was great from that point forward and the offense - in this case Casey Blake - eventually did what it had to do in one of the biggest spots of the year.

I could mention that from the description on WKNR, as it crackled on my car radio during my long ride home this evening, it sounded like the Tribe booted some balls, put up some iffy at-bats and got less-then-steller pitching from Paul Byrd in the first six innings or so. But, I didn't have to sit through that part and I got home just in time to see all the good stuff.

As some of you may remember from the first post on this blog back in July, I'm raising a brood of Yankee fans here in my suburban New York home. Three to be exact. As one of my duties as a good dad I bought a seven-game package of Yankee games for my kids to go to. The last game of the package is tomorrow night. My two sons won't be around to drive my daughter, so it's my turn to put in an appearance. That means the only info I'll have on the Tribe game will come from periodic scoreboard updates at Yankee Stadium. (KNR's signal doesn't come in in the Bronx. I've tried several times before).

I guess it was a little easier on the stomach tonight just seeing the best part of the game. Tomorrow will be torture wondering what's happening back home at the Jake while I do my fatherly duty at Yankee Stadium

I'll be wearing my Indians windbreaker. Pray for me!!


moose said...

where that Indians gear - PROUDLY. What a game last night. Think that game took the wind out of the Tigers sail.

Looking more like the tribe and Yanks - Bring them on!!!!!!!

Allison said...

Keep winning Cleveland -- it is good for us Yankees fans. You need to explain to me the whole magic number thing; Tom was saying last night that I needed someone like you to explain it to me. Hope you are well.


Ron Vallo said...


The magic number is the number at which the Yankees magically disappear from the playoff picture and the rest of us can have some fun.

OK just kidding!

The magic number is a number of either victories by you or losses by the team in second place trying to catch you (or a combination of both) that would mathematically eliminate your pursuer from the playoffs.

As an example. Based on the number of games left for each team and the lead Cleveland has on Detroit right now, Cleveland's magic number is 7. So, if between now and the end of the year Cleveland manages to win only 4 of its remaining twelve games, Detroit would still be eliminated if it loses only 3 of its remaining 11.

That's the best I can do for a quick explanation.

You didn't have the baby without telling us did you?