Saturday, October 13, 2007


So how are we all doing today?

We've had about 16 hours to recover from last night's debacle and I guess I'm about ready to go for tonight.

I know it hurts too much to keep looking at that photo of CC that tops my most-recent post, so if nothing else, this piece will serve to knock that one down on the Web page a little so you can't see it as readily.

I checked out the Boston Globe today to see what was up when I came across this little annoying item. "Foulke planning comeback" That's right. Mr no-show, Mr. I'll-blow-you-off-after-it's-too late-to-spend-your-money-on-someone-else has been working out and plans to come out of "retirement" for next season.

The Globe quotes Foulke's agent Danny Horwits as saying Foulke "is definitely going to play next year. He just needed to get healthy."

Foulke was placed on the voluntarily retired list by Cleveland and will be a free agent.

Here's my favorite part of the story:

Foulke is already working out and is watching the ALCS, according to the agent. "He still has friends on the Red Sox and is rooting for them," Horwits said.

Horowits followed up with this:

"He also absolutely wishes the best for the Indians, for the way they treated him."

Gee! Thanks alot Mr. Foulke!! You %^*@@#-ing jerk!


I came across this item in Friday's Globe too late to include it in my pre-series post.

At least we still have "The Rock" - Rocky Colavito - in our corner.

In a personal profile on the 50s-60s slugger - one of the most popular Indians of all time and the man after which one of my fantasy baseball teams is named - Colavito says he never put a curse on the Indians for trading him to the Tigers just before the start of the 1960 season.

"I never put the evil eye on 'em," he says. "It's not like in the old country in Italy where one of those old grandmothers drops oil into water and if it doesn't spread, the curse is on. No. Anyway, I never put a curse on the Indians."

But there was bad blood between Lane and Colavito over the slugger's salary. Colavito says he wanted a $3,000 raise to $15,000 in 1957, and Lane refused. Colavito worked a second job on a mushroom farm.

Can anyone see A-Rod working on a mushroom farm in the off-season?

The Rock also said he's rooting for the Tribe in the ALCS:

"I'm a little partial to Cleveland; it's a great city," he says. "It's a wonderful city. Boston has more stars, but Cleveland has some up-and-coming kids and they are hungry. I like [Grady] Sizemore. Both have good pitching. It's gonna be about the bullpen."

And he says he's not too fond of the modern-day player, and singled out Manny Ramirez in particular:

"Manny [Ramírez] is a really good hitter, no doubt about it," says Colavito. "[But] I see him make a miscue in the field and I see a grin on his face. In our day, if you grinned, they might boot your [posterior] to the minor leagues. They wouldn't tolerate it and you might get disciplined by your peers."

Anyway. The idea of the curse was highlighted in a 1994 book by the Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto, who argues that the Indians three-and-a-half decades of ineptitude started in 1960 with the Colavito trade.
Pluto has written many great books, but the one on Colavito and his 1999 book "Our Tribe" are my favorites. They make great off-season reading. If you've never read them, put them on your Christmas wish list.

Over at the New York Times long-time columnist Murray Chass offers some advice for Indians fans on the ledge today. -- Just chill.

The Times also has a nice little profile of Kenny Lofton, who just keeps popping up in the post season every year.

I have a long-standing engagement tonight and won't be around to watch Game 2. I'll TIVO it and may check it out when I get in, but I'm not sure I'll be blogging on tonight's game. If not look for something sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Enjoy the game. It's gonna feel better after tonight. I think.


moose said...

this is disgusting
cant anybody get anybody out

we get 5 runs - we should win

what a night for rafey left to lay an egg

why doesn't somebody knock manny ramirez on his you know what

ortiz and ramirez are unstoppable

as enjoyable as the yankee series - this is painful

it is really showing the tribe short comings

isnt baseball a game of inches
blake hit a smash that lowell took a hit away - would have been an extra run

and its 50 /50 if ortiz is out or safe on that double play

thats one more run for them and one less for instead of down 6-5 we are up 6-5

not to second guess wedge - but maybe laffey should have come in before raffey left and maybe cliff lee should have been on the roster ? never can have enough lefties

I need a day off and maybe some home cooking will help this team

maybe westbrooks and byrds junk will stop the sox - obviously the heat hasn't

are you sick


Victor said...

A Man a Fisto (up your A$$) to Cleveland Indian Fans:

Hey tribe fans instead of cheering for chief wahoo its time to start crying woohoo. Next to those choke artist fom NY what other Northeastern Sports town can be called a city of Champions. That's Right Boston! Repeat after me cleveland fans, fans from a miserable loosing city, Boston Teams own 24 Pro Sports Championships: 16 from the boys in green the Celtics, and one more for them this year; 3 from our NFL team aptly named the Patriots; 5 from our NHL team the Bruins; and 1, soon to be 2 from the Redsox, after we sweep your sorry indian asses. What does cleveland have 2 World Series Titles from over 6 decades ago, no championships in the NFL era, no NBA titles. cleveland is a city of losers Boston is a city of winners. No more curses we're the big dogs now. Cleveland is just a bait dog readying Boston up for our next Championship. Those weak as yankee teams got nothing on our Red Sox, now Boston's the empire a city of championships on steriods. Think those punk as yankees were tough? Not! It's over Red Sox sweep cleveland! On to our second World Series Title you guys can now be the lovable loosers those. The Red Sox and Boston will forever be the city of Winners. Heck think about it we rocked cleveland and its fake ace yesterday like we'll rock the mistake by the lake today. Your city is pathetic to have one of your own franchise players such as Lebron James diss you by puttin on a yankee hat. Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Champions! Get ready to be mowed down cleveland!

The curse of the bambino is dead and now so are the Cleveland Indians

Ron Vallo said...

Very classy.

Ron Vallo said...

well victor, you look like an even bigger moron than you did two hours ago!!!

you don't need to join us on the blog anymore.

R.M. Jennings said...

"24 Pro Sports Championships"

Sounds like our Big Apple friends with their "26 rings" nonsense, eh?

Just goes to prove that Red Sox fans are just as dumb, belligerent, and obnoxious as their Yankee counterparts.

No big surprise there, as the two teams are essentially the same thing anyway. No one believes any of the "Evil Empire" crap spewing from New England when the Red Sox sign a guy who's never thrown a major league pitch for $103 million.

All the more reason to beat the Red Sox. Miss Trot Nixon? Sure you do.

swarty said...

Hey Victor,

You said: Think those punk as yankees were tough? Not! It's over Red Sox sweep cleveland!

You need to wait until the game is over to hit the send button.

You also said: The curse of the bambino is dead and now so are the Cleveland Indians

I believe we call this the Night of the Living Dead!

In the words of Archie Bunker: "Shut up you!"

Ron Vallo said...

Just for the record.

We had one Sox fan join us in commenting prior to the start of the series. His comments were great and very sportsmanlike.

I work with about eight Sox fans (oddly more than the number of Yankee fans in my NYC-area office) and I like them all. They were good natured about the series Friday and I expect they will be again Monday morning.

You all are free to say what you like, but for the record I have no problems with te Red Sox fans I know. I only have a problem with idiots - like our friend Victor.