Friday, October 19, 2007

CC fails again, as the series heads back to Boston

Ultimately, the story tonight was about the dominance of Josh Becket. We all feared it. We all new it could be coming. It came.

But CC Sabathia flat out choked. No two ways about. He choked, for the third time in three tries in the post-season.

Ninety-three pitches after five innings. One-hundred-eight after six. An inability to get any one of the Sox' big four out, as the foursome went five for 10 with three RBI and a couple of walks. In all, Sabathia was touched for four runs. He got some help from Grady Sizemore in giving up two of those runs. But make no mistake this was CC's failure.

CC had one inning - the sixth - when he seemed to be in command. The rest of the time he pitched tight, and he pitched timid - no matter what the FOX announcers were saying early on about his being more composed.

You could see the fear when he was pitching to our favorite Red Sox outfielder. This is an ace?

This was not the CC we saw during the season. Once again we saw him overthrow, losing his slot and missing high and outside all night.

CC wants to be the ace. But the ace has to show up not only in the regular season, but also the post-season.

When your ace spits the bit three times in three outings in the post-season, and you are still up 3-2 in the second round, you are living right. How long will that last?

No CC's perfromance was not gutty. He was putty - at least to the four guys in the Red Sox lineup who matter.

That the wheels came off in the eighth makes no difference. CC Sabathia lost this game.

And so now, we turn to the 23-year-old Fausto Carmona to be the ace that CC has not been. He'll be facing one of the toughest post-game pitchers of recent times in Curt Schilling.

The kid will have to try to prevent what no one wants - a game seven on the road.

I will be heading up to Canada around noon tomorrow for a long-planned trip. I'll be back home in time for a game seven, if necessary. But, if this series has to go to a game seven, I may not want to watch.

We'll be updating the blog sometime either Sunday night or Monday.



moose said...

crawled into bed at 1:47 - very disappointing - hsd hopes with the beautiful weather - but it was not meant to be.

what next ? I cant say I was surprised by last nights results.

beckett is the hottest pitcher right now and manny is the hottest hitter.

the indians looked clueless against beckett. I know a lot of people are putting the blame on CC but the indains would have needed a shutout. indians were luckt to score and the defense was terrible.

Surprisingly they were still in the game after 6 2-1 - even though should have been down about 5-1. Why CC came out for the seventh I dont know

so its back to boston - and yes as a life long indians fan I fear the worst. Indians have no veterans -except lofton- and are really a young team and sure are felling the pressure.

hafner looks worse than me in fantasy camp !!!

well a day of rest today and at least there is a tomorrow

Ron Vallo said...

After having had a night (or at least half a night) to sleep on it and review my comments on Sabathia, I have to say I still agree with myself - only moreso. You can not have your "ace" crap out on you three times in three tries in the post season and expect to advance. Our real ace is going tomorrow night. if he doesn;t come through it'll be time to bend over and kiss ourselves goodbye.

An you are right, our big offensive gun, Hafner, is nowhere to be seen. Another choke.

bobbydb19 said...

Nice to see that we all think alike. I e-mailed my buddy from Boston last night during the game:


It seemed like they were all playing tight last night. Why? Pressure to win it at home?

The top of the Sox line-up is outstanding. Every time I see Pedroia on the on-deck circle, I cringe, knowing what is coming up after him.

I don't know what it is like to be in the batter's box, but last night the Indians hitters were constantly guessing wrong on pitches. Letting fastballs go right down the middle and swinging at pitches that should not be swung at.

Might be time to sit Hafner (I know it wont happen) and Franklin down. They both look clueless at the plate.

I hate to keep comparing it to 97, but it is 97 all over again.

Tribe beat Yankees in ALDS in both years, then went to play AL East champ in ALCS. In 97 it was Baltimore, this year it is Boston. Games 1-2 were both played away. In 1997, the Indians lost Game 1 and won Game 2 in exciting fashion (just like this year). In 1997, they went home and won the first 2 games, then lost the 3rd (just like this year). In 97 they went back to Baltimore and won Game 6. Hopefully, it will happen this year.

The other scary part, is that in 97, the wild-card Florida Marlins beat the division champion from their same division (Atlanta). This year the wild card team (Colorado) beat the division champ from their same division (Arizona).

If we make the WS, I just hope the outcome is not the same.

It is going to be an exciting week-end. I just hope we are celebrating come Sunday or Monday.

Enjoy it!!

Ron Vallo said...


what a great comparison. I never really gave that a thought until you laid it out.

We'd better hope they follow the pattern and win it on Saturday because if Boston is on a two-game roll, at home in game 7 I may not be able to watch.

moose said...

I was telling my wife that in April you told me the indians would be one game from the world series I would say no way - so whatever happens this weekend lets be thankful for all the excitement and entertainment they have brought us

yes I do cringe when youkilis, pappy, and manny come up - thank goodness for coco and lugo

what is frustrating is that CC thinks he pitched a pretty good game last night

Wedge is not going to mess with his lineup we can only hope that somebody unexpected does hit. hafner will stay no matter how bad he looks.

We do know this that the Fausto must pitch good and our servicable bullpen is down to Raffy right , lewis, and borowski - perez is the indians version of gagne

ron - enjoy canada

Jason said...

Yes, the pitching matchup was disappointing. However, let's give Beckett the credit he deserves here. If we gave Carmona credit for game 2 against the Yanks then we should give Beckett some credit for last night's masterpiece. Few can hit him when he has good command of his curve.

I don't know what is going on with Pronk. I keep waiting for the big moment where he wakes up.

As far as Franklin goes -- straight pitch I hit it very much, but no hit curve. Bats afraid...

Anonymous said...

HAFNER STINKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

moose said...

does anybody think the indians have ANY chance of winning tonight

If so explain why

this team is emotional spent - you knew it was not there night in the first inning

sizemore foul ball HR and
two infied hits by boston

our hitters are impatient

our bullen is done except for betancourt

boston has this thing one won and they know it

moose said...

does anybody think the indians have ANY chance of winning tonight

If so explain why

this team is emotional spent - you knew it was not there night in the first inning

sizemore foul ball HR and
two infied hits by boston

our hitters are impatient

our bullen is done except for betancourt

boston has this thing one won and they know it