Monday, August 18, 2008

Our own Indians hall of fame

On the weekend of the Indians' Hall of Fame festivities, my brother - Greg Vallo - put together a little slide show of Tribies from year's gone by.

How many can you name?

I'd say I got 95% of the ones after 1960.


the moose said...

95 % - NO WAY - where was vic davalillo

the moose said...

hey mabel - who are the first 3 players in the video

Ron Vallo said...

Before my time. My claim of 95% was from mid-60s on.

Anonymous said...

First 3 are Al Smith, Bob Lemon, and Bobby Avila


Anonymous said...

thanks - how do we get a list of ALL of them


the moose said...

anybody notice the tribe has won 6 straight !!!

everybody focusing on the cleveland clowns - I mean browns

could the browns suffer from over hype like the indians