Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boston is Byrdland now

Well Paul Byrd is off to the Bosox

Good for him!

He'll get another shot at the playoffs, where he just might have been the Tribe's most effective starter last season.

The good news is it won't be the Yankees that Byrd will be helping to get to, and through, the post-season.

Although, quite frankly, there are teams I would rather see him help than the Red Sox.

The Boston blogosphere doesn't seem to have much of an opinion about the deal. Most blogs simply reported the trade and moved on without comment.

The closest thing to commentary I could find was from the Sports of Boston blog:

This isn’t supposed to be a major impact trade like the Bay/Manny deal. The Sox are simply addressing a need in their rotation right now. Tim Wakefield, a consistent innings-eater, hits the DL and Clay Buchholz is having a sophomore slump. Theo knows with the Rays wounded (Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria on the DL), now is the time to gain ground on them. Hopefully a change of scenery won’t affect Byrd’s hot streak.

I wonder a bit about a flyball pitcher like Byrd and how well he's going to do at Fenway with the Green Monster. But, hey, that's for others to worry about now.

It's hard to comment from the Tribe's side beyond saying so long, good luck and thanks for the good work.

I mean how do you comment on a bag of cash in return? Or a player to be named later. Something tells me that if the Tribe is deciding between cash and a player, the player can't be much.

The interesting question will be who replaces Byrd in the rotation.

Will Aaron Laffey be on his way back after just two outings in Buffalo? In his most-recent outing Laffey pitched 8 shutout innings. striking out nine. But his first outing was rather pedestrian.

It could be David Huff, who has been lights out at both Buffalo and Akron this year. I'd like so see him up myself.

Zach Jackson, who has been hot and cold at Buffalo since being the "throw-in" in the CC deal, is the Buffalo pitcher whose turn comes up in what would have been Byrd's next start Friday. Not reason enough in my book to bring him up.

As moves go, this one is a bit of a yawner from the Tribe's side. But it does clear one more spot for one more youngster to make an impression the rest of the way.


the moose said...

any thoughts on why the yankees did not put a bid in for byrd on waivers - seems like they could have used him more than boston

the indians practically gave the reds sox byrd. It was clearly a dump the salary for the rest of the season

at the begining of the season - cabrera, laffet, and gutieerez were untouchable - would they trade them now

bullpen struck again - they change the names - wenowhave rincon and donnelly but the reults are the same

Ron Vallo said...

I think they'd trade Gutierrez, but I still think Cabrera and Laffey would be off limits. Take a look at what Cabrera has done since being called back up. It's a lot more in line with what he did last year. ANd I am still praying for the day I see him at SS.

They are so hurting for starting pitchers for next year I seriously doubtr they would send Laffey anywhere.

If Gutierrez could just hit! He's fun to watch in the outfield but I don;t think he'll ever hit enough to play regularly.

the moose said...

so my wife and I went to the hall of fame and 1948 championship turn back the clock ceremonies on saturday 8/17. The current Indians made it look like 1948 will be the only year that the indians may win a championship. It may be 2048 and this indians will still be handing out 1948 replica newspapers. 4 errors - altohugh on francisco throwing error marte was nowhere near the bag - I dont know what he was doing. Once again great timley hitting - bases loaded no outs in the 7 th and of course no runs. The crowd was actually booing.

Speaking of the game - sitting in the bleachers I usually watch the ball / strikes and out of town scoreboard. It was not working as I thought it was a power failure. After a third inning bathroom break I noticed the big main scoreboard was showing only ball strikes batter and a few other stats. It occurred to me the scoreboard was 1948 style. So our wonderful promotion staff was making the stadium look like 1948 scoreboard. Then I thought as the vendor poured people a 6.75 beer and 4.00 pepsi why not charge 1940 food prices. There was no hot dog, mustard, onion race but slider was there and home run fireworks - Delucci. Some of us do watch the scorebard and still keep score.

have no fear - victor and pronk wil be back soon in septemver for the stretch run anmd push to third place!!

IF they finsh strong that will be the marketing campaign for 2009.

byrd got a bad matchup - couldn't expect him to beat toronto twice in 2 weeks

-no scoreboard liure. sit in the or litt