Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tribe fans to get more - not less - Peralta

Except possibly for Casey Blake, no player on the current squad of Indians raises the hackles of some Indians fans like Jhonny Peralta.

While he hits 260-270 with roughly 20 homers each year, those numbers seem to come in bunches followed by extended periods of nothing.

It's during those periods, especially, when Tribe fans seem to notice his totem-pole-like tendencies at SS and his sometimes uninspired approach to the game.

While many fans see some value in his bat, most seem to want him moved either to 3B or off the roster entirely.

Even the Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto admitted today he's really seen enough of Peralta in the middle of the diamond.

So what is the word from Eric Wedge today?

Not only will we continue to see as much of Peralta in the middle of the diamond as we have over the past four seasons, we'll be seeing more of him in the middle of the order.

That's the word from's Anthony Costrovince on his blog today.

Here's quote of Wedge lifted from Castrovince's blog:

"He did such a good job for us last year, and I know he's had some problems this year," Wedge said. "But I just really feel like he's going to be a run-producer. The sooner he gets used to being in the middle of the lineup and just takes that as the norm, the better off he's going to be."

I'm not sure what's more infuriating. The idea that we'll be seeing Peralta (he of the 11 HRs but only 30 RBI's) batting cleanup, as he did today, or the reasoning behind it.

"He did such a good job for us last year"? (Of course he has sucked at the plate for pretty much most of this year and we are - in actuality - playing in the present).

The sooner he gets used to batting in the cleanup spot the less big of a deal it will be. (And, of course, once Peralta gets comfortable someplace that's when he puts it on autopilot).

Maybe Wedge is trying to goose Peralta's numbers to make him attractive to somebody as the trade deadline gets closer.

Who knows why he'd bat Peralta regularly at cleanup?

But now we not only get to see Peralta in the middle of the infield, but we also get to see him more often in the middle of the batting order. Hopefully they'll bat Dellucci at No.5 to give Peralta some protection.

While we're on the subject of shortstops, the greatest ever to play the position for the Tribe will be making his return to what is now Progressive Field.

Omar Vizquel - after a four-year absence - will return Tuesday to the ballpark formerly known as The Jake when his SF Giants come to Cleveland.

Over the winter I did a story about why it should be a no-brainer for Omar to make it into the Hall of Fame if/when he retires. Click here to check it out if you missed it back then.


the moose said...

another painful night - what the heck was shoppach doing throwing to second on the steal to let the lead run score - that is high school fundamentals

then gee the washed up omar lays down a suicide squeeze bunt and maes a nice play inthe field inthe nineth

has KC past the indains up yet ?

the moose said...

one more thing - anyone notice how well the St. louis cardinals are playing with all their injuries
they dont make excuses and 2 ex indians brian barton and ryan ludwick in on the team