Sunday, June 22, 2008

CC: Staying with Tribe 'out of my control' (and other bull)

Another great outing yesterday by CC, and oh that dinger!

You've got to love Sabathia's body of work.

But some comments from the big man in the PD this morning have me a bit annoyed.

It's the song and dance we here from soon-to-be-free athletes trying to skip town without leaving the fans there feeling spurned, at least not until he's grabbed the cash and is long gone

When asked about his HR and the opportunities he could have in the batters box on a regular basis if he signs with an NL team this winter CC uttered the tired old refrain that came most-recently in Cleveland from the lips of Jim Thome:

"The situation isn't in my hands. I'd like to stay here with my friends. These are the guys I grew up with, but it's out of my control."

Out of my control, he says.

Just who's control is it under exactly?

The Indians have put a more-than-generous offer on the table. It's not the best offer he will get. Not even close. But it is an offer that will make a very rich man much richer. And he can stick around with his chums and the fans and the team and the city he professes to love.

If he really wants to "stay here with his friends" he would have to give up millions. But with the millions already offered, would he even notice?

It's out of his control?

The hell it is!


the moose said...

I thought the same thing when I read the article in todays PD - where did I hear this before - Jim Thome.

Its simle if you want to sty sign the contract and be done with it.

PS - if you leave take Paul Byrf with you - that guy is out of gas. He is a batting practice pitcher

the moose said...

I apologize for all my typos

butyou know what I mean

kNuke said...

I don't blame CC at all. If the contract was a little less than market value I would blame CC.

That being said, I don't blame the Indians either because giving a pitcher a long term contract usually isn't a good idea.

I would say let CC sign elsewhere, no hard feelings.

Ron Vallo said...

I don't blame him or the Indians at all either, everyone's acting in their best interest.

The part that bothers me is this nonsense about wishing he could stay, and it's out of his hands etc...

If he wants to stay, he can stay sans a few extra million he'll never miss.

All he needs to do is stand up to the union and his agent and say "this is what will make me happy."

But that is not likely to happen.

All I'm saying is save us from the BS and just come out and say I am doing the best thing for myself and family.