Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little fun on a slow day

With the Tribe's intra-squad game being rained out yesterday, there is precious little to talk about this morning.

The Plain Dealer reports that Jhonny Peralta spent the day working on his range at shortstop - which seems like a helluva good idea to me.'s Anthony Castrovince reports the Tribe is hoping to take it easy this year on its two aces, CC Sabathia and Fausto Carmona, who maxed-out in the innings-pitched department last year because of the lengthy trip into the post-season.

Castrovince says CC is on a lighter pitching regimine during the spring, and - with added bullpen help - the Tribe hopes to push the duo for that one extra inning a little less often this year.

Castrovince is worth checking out on a daily basis. He often finds a different topic to write about than the beat reporters for the papers. His stuff is not what you would expect from a league- and team-sponsored Web site.

Another reporter - Steve Gilbert - reported the other day that The Trottster is learning to play first base in the Diamondbacks' camp, since Arizona's incumbent there, Chad Tracy, is recovering from micrfracture surgery on his knee.

Nixon told Gilbert he thought he'd be sitting out the season until Arizona placed a call to him earlier this month.

"This was the only opportunity to go to big league camp I had."

From Boston's camp comes word that Bartolo Colon is ahead of schedule with his throwing program. Boston manager Terry Francona is - so far - impressed, though, surprisingly, there is a little concern about Bartolo's weight.

A Boston baseball blog - Boston Dirt Dogs - seems a little less impressed by the signing of the sore-armed former Tribe ace, judging by its artwork below.

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well I got the urge to try to get tickets for one of the 4 yankee games in cleveland this year - weekend of april 26. I was able to get 2 mezzanine tickets - bleachers sold out but then was notified I would have to pay a 4.25 "convenience" charge for each ticket. Convenience for what. I then figured it will probably snow and the games are on TV so I hit cancel. Maybe I will walk to the gate on monday at my lunch hour and see if anything exists without the conveniench charge