Thursday, February 14, 2008

CC tables talks


Those of you who live in the Cleveland area no doubt know this.

But for those around the country who aren't being inundated with the news and may have missed it, here it is.

The following is a direct quote from CC on his own Web site.

This off-season, through my representatives at Legacy Sports Group, I have discussed the possibility of a contract extension with the Cleveland Indians. At this time, we haven’t been able to reach agreement.

Now that the reporting date for spring training is here, it is time to put aside contract discussions so that I can focus all of my energies and attention on preparing for the upcoming season.

I look forward to a successful 2008 season, both for myself and for the Indians as a whole. I will do everything within my power to help the club to its first World Series appearance since 1997 and its first World Series Championship since 1948.

There will be time after the season for the Indians and my representatives to discuss my contract status.

I remain hopeful that these discussions will result in a contract extension that will keep me with the franchise for many years to come.

In the meantime, in order to avoid any distractions, my representatives and I will not make any further comment about my contractual situation beyond this statement. -- C.C. Sabathia

The Plain Dealer has posted a response from Tribe GM Mark Shapiro this afternoon, who says he was hoping to continue talks during the spring but agreed that the talks weren't progressing.

"We don't disagree with C.C. on the status of negotiations right now. There's not a lot of common ground.

We probably would have preferred to leave it open to the end of the spring training, but there's no animosity there."

If you are a "half-glass-full" type - as George W. would say - you can point to the that part near the end where CC refers to the short period of time when the Tribe can still negotiate one-on-one with him after the World Series.

My advice is expect the worst and then hope to be surprised.


Anonymous said...

this is the moose

Dont believe that BS about CC still considernng Cleveland. If he has a big year he is gone to the west coast. He wants long term as 4years is not enough

I was ay winter haven once for fantasy camp and yes I must admit Winter haven is not much of a town. We stayed at a holiday inn. The main field is not bad - but the tribe fields in lake county and akron are better. We are also like every one planning to go to Arizona but not until probably 2010

My memory of Winter Haven - batting against Bob Feller in 1999 fantasy camp and hitting him with a batted ball - it hit his glove then his shoulder - I felt like you know what - fortunately no damage - he ran / walked to the ball and nearly threw me out with my burning speed -

Ron Vallo said...

my guess is you could have knocked Rapid Robert unconscious briefly and he still would have been able to get up and throw you out!!bq

Anonymous said...

moose said

so I see the "big money" yankees shelved out a whopping $4 mill for charlie wang -there pitcher with the most wins over the last 2 years.

he went to arbitration asking for 4.6 and lost !!!!

ps - I beat fellers throw to first by a step with my blazing speed !!!!!!!!!