Sunday, January 20, 2008

Talk about your nostalgia

The names Brian Anderson and Bartolo Colon have been mentioned in the same sentence with the Tribe lately.

Except for the disappearance of the name on the ballpark it's like the 90s all over again.

Sort of.

is Anderson and Colon both have had serious arm injuries and it's questionable either can pitch.

Anderson, a Geneva, Ohio native has had not one, but two, Tommy John surgeries and is looking to make a comeback at 36.

Now he's said to be
drawing interest from the Tribe and others.

Anderson last pitched for the Tribe in 1997, last pitched in the majors in 2005 and was last seen in the Tribe's broadcast booth this summer.

Colon also worked out with the Tribe and others watching. The Tribe's best starter in the late 90s, who has
rotator cuff problems that he chose not to have surgically repaired apparently did not impress the Tribe.

Other teams also seem to have lost interest in the former flame thrower.

Not impressed yet?

The Tribe is also taking a look at Scott Elarton, who was in the organization for a brief time last year.

Why is the Tribe rummaging through the scrap heap and looking at these broken down thirtysomethings.

Good question. I have no answers.


moose said...

maybe the indians are looking at all these ex pitchers to get players for fantasy league or the old timers game

maybe we should contact the niekros, gaylord perry, and orel hershier and el presedente dennis martinez

I dont get it either -

Anonymous said...

the reason why the indians continue to look at players like this is because they have actually had some success at it with guys like orel hershiser, kevin millwood, bobby howry and juan gonzalez, at least the first time in 2001, not his infamous one at-bat season of 2005. unfortunately, it's just the nature of the beast that the indians have to rely on such "throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks" tactics, but until such time that major league baseball actually invokes a salary cap with revenue sharing, they will have to continue to look to trying to capture lightning in a bottle out of these aging guys coming off injuries.

Ron Vallo said...


I understand why they have to shop on the scrap heap and agree about the salary cap.

What I don't get is why the search for a starting pitcher of this caliber, since they have seven or eight better starters right now as it is.

I firmly believe Cliff Lee will be gone by opening day, or soon thereafter. But that still leaves CC, Fausto, Westbrook, Byrd, Sowers, Laffey and Adam Miller. That's two in reserve right there.

I guess there's no harm in looking but really, where is there room for these guys?