Friday, January 18, 2008

Beating a dead horse

I hate the fact that my last three posts (including this one) are about the Jacobs Field name change.

But that really is all that's going on with the Tribe these days.

Today, as you can see from the picture posted here - and taken by the Plain Dealer's Chuck Crow - the Jacobs Field name came off the ballpark where the Indians play.

The mostly negative fan reaction has not abated in the past week, as you can see from the comments posted on today.

Personally, though I don't like the change at all, I just keep wishing I could find something else to write about. Something about the team itself. You know, about baseball.

In Detroit they're writing about new 3B Miguel Cabrera signing a one-year, $11.3 million contract, and how the Tigers are selling tickets like mad - Cabrera just one of the many reasons as the team has added four key players this winter.

In Chicago, they're writing about how Octavio Dotel has - or has not - joined the team's bullpen. That's just today's news.

For the Indians, aside signing a new member of the bullpen and trading for a new 25th man, there has been nothing.

So, if/when the Indians find that additional bat to bolster their lineup, or sign CC to a long-term deal, I'll be sure to have something.

Right now the only movement at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario is that of heavy equipment, hoisting up some poor soul who's task it is to "unname" Jacobs Field.


moose said...

hey the indians announce their 2008 promotion schedule on monday - wonder what bobbleheads they will have this year

indian fan in highland heights said...

whats the indians fan in yankee land take on the tribes 2 arbritation players - casey blake wants 6.9 for one year. He is smart cause he knows the indians have no one else at third - however justin morneau of minnesota just signed for 7.4 so looking at stats - morneau is more than 500,000 better than blake

the other player is betancourt who wants I think 2.5 or a year and tribe is offering 1.75 - this one I cant figure out - they paid all those bums hernandez, etc more than that - give raffie his money cause he might be closing - who knows what blowowski will do this year


Ron Vallo said...

Blake should and will settle for about $6 million. The Tribe has some options at third. At least one. I'm not a big believer in Marte, but I think the Tribe will move Peralta to 3B if/when Marte plays his way off the team. Blake is the caretaker until the Marte situation plays itself out.

Betancourt deserves what he's asked for.

moose said...

marte batted a .198 in winter league - I think we got taken to the cleaners on him

Ron Vallo said...

I saw that. Asdrubal hit .140, so I'm not sure what you can take from winter ball.

I think there's a good chance Cabrera will have a good year this year, but he is unproven so you can't take to the bank.

This you can take to the bank: Marte is a huge bust.