Thursday, December 13, 2007

WHEW! No new Tribe names on Mitchell list

Good news for Cleveland fans with today's release of the Mitchell report on the use of performance-enhancing drug in baseball. (click link for full report)

Only Paul Byrd's name from the current roster is on that list, and we all found out about that on the morning of Game 7 of the ALCS. (click link for player list)

There are just a few surprises on the list, guys that don't fit the pattern of someone's who's performance, suddenly spiked, or who broke down early and/or often, or some complete nut job.

Roger Clemens was mentioned on nine pages of the report. His pal Andy Pettitte was kind of a surprise. Then, there's Jason Giambi from last year's Yanks club as well. So three Yanks from 2007.

Brian Roberts was kind of a surprising name to me.

Here are the former Indians who made the list. Most fall into at least one of the above categories. I'll let you decide who falls into which:

  • David Segui - one of the stars of the report is mentioned on several pages
  • John Rocker - roid rage?
  • Tim Laker
  • Mark Carreon
  • Jason Grimsley - also one of the most often mentioned in the report
  • David Justice
  • Glenallen Hill
  • Ron Villone
  • David Bell
  • Paul Byrd
  • Matt Williams
  • Kent Mercker (I don't remember him playing for the Tribe, but the report says he did).
There's also an interesting story about a bag that may or may not have belonged to Juan Gonzalez that was detected at the airport in Toronto. The story is on pages 95-98 of the report. In this case, Mitchell reports - you decide.

Just a note to remind you that these guys were not said to have taken performance-enhancing drugs while with the Tribe necessarily. These are just guys who are in the report who also happened to pull on an Indians jersey in a real game at least once in their career.

The rest of the report is all over the Internet. My main concern was whether any current Tribesman would be named. You can check the rest out on your own if that's your thing.

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Anonymous said...

Mercker was signed for the 96 season I believe, but got hurt and never actually pitched in the regular season.